Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring break

I must say I'm gutted that this Easter break is almost over. Despite the fact I went on a school residential that just happens to be one of the best times of my life, it's still a huge disappointment getting back into reality where it rains and people start to anger others like usual.

This break was very nice. I got up to just the right amount of things, and stayed home enough as well.
While at home I tried my best to give my room a good spring clean and made these really cool paper origami ornaments. Might do a DIY if you're interested.

 One of the days I travelled north to Bath, which is around 1 hour from where I reside. It's a beautiful city which I recommend visiting. They had a fair amount of vintage shops, most of which are on Walcot Street, which has to be the coolest part of Bath.  As I've said before, I live around 20 minutes from a medium sized city. Very cultured and I would say posh, but as with most places, has it's areas. The city I live near also has a good art scene, which I love. Despite this, going to Bath seems just a tad bigger, and a bit of a change of view. If we go back to September, you may remember that I went to Bath for my birthday and visited the rather famous fashion museum which was very spectacular. Didn't go again this time because I didn't want the novelty to wear off.

An apologetic man crossed while I was frantically taking pictures of everything
The whole four days I was away I saw nothing but glorious sunshine. Typical, I packed around 4 jumpers and around 2 t-shirts, but somehow it worked and I didn't boil over. The place I stayed is a beautiful Manor House on the edge of Devon's Moors. Free with lakes, woods and the best views for miles around. I did activities such as kayaking, caving, high-ropes, climbing and more.

 I must add that caving is the most impeccable thing I've ever done because you have a huge level of excitement and the impending fear of death. While at the bottom of the cave which is around 50m deep, we came across a under water lake. It was completely clear. Before getting in we were told that 'cave diving' is the most dangerous thing anyone could ever do, and then he expects us to get in. So, there we are, waist high in water absolutely freezing, kitted out in soaking equipment including a harness. Then, the most terrifying thing I've ever done. We were told to dive under the water, through a hole, and out the other side. I can't explain to you the fear I had at this point. I honestly thought I was drowning, so when I got up the other side, I was surprised to be breathing. It was horribly amazing in the best way possible. Suddenly the cramp spaces seemed insignificant. Also while there we did High-ropes, which seemed simple because of my sheer love for heights. I soon realised I preferred being above ground then underneath it.

Excuse the blurry image. This is the under-water cave I thought I'd dive in. For someone who hasn't swam in three years, I thought this was a spectacular place to do it.
So, there is my spring break in a nut-shell. The most amazing spring holiday I could ever have imagined or wished for. Wishing everyone a fabulous Easter, and I hope you guys can remember why we're celebrating it. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

What's the temperature?

Although this was nearly a month ago, Tokyo Fashion Week definitely impressed me. Quite often, the big four, are a tad repetitive. Not to be taken the wrong way, (they must be the big 4 for a reason) they can sometimes a be a bit of the same thing over and over. But, Tokyo, Sydney and many other cities do also do a fashion week in the typical format, and are sometimes a bit more new, and a tad more fresh.

When I set out to look at Tokyo Fashion week, I must say, I did believe the typical stereotype that it would all be pink, fluffy with ears, but no, it wasn't, and most of it wasn't. To be honest, the Miu Miu collection at Paris Fashion week was more colourful and eccentric than all of Tokyo's fashion week put together. Shown at Tokyo Fashion Week on the 22nd of last month, was a brand called 'A Degree Fahrenheit'. I'd never come across them before as I normally didn't engage in the other fashion weeks (silly me!). This very less-is-more Tokyo based brand was on the the catwalk runs that stood out to me, simply because of it's perfect tailoring and choice of colours. Black, Duck Egg Blue and Beige are three very overused colours that can get tediously boring, but used with such care in this position. A really great collection.

Click here for the rest of the collection

Here a few of some of the other collections I was thoroughly impressed by.

Afriquan Apeiron

Yasutoshi Ezumi

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Pinterest Love

Ever since I joined Pinterest around the end of last year, I have been borderline obsessed. Before hand, Tumblr was my favourite sight, but Pinterest has now pushed it way out top spot!

If you don't know exactly what Pinterest is or does, I'll try and briefly explain. You can create boards (like folders) and then can 'pin' various pictures, video's, even gifs to your boards. You can follow people with similar interests, and there pins will come up on your feed. It's very simple and effective.

I have 22 boards. They are Things, Clothes, Art, Decor, Quotes, People, Photography, Dogs, Hair, Places, Creation, Faith, Tele/Film, and Books. I also have Flowers/Plant, Adverts, Couture, Food, Wishlist, Chuckle, Design, and Animals (sorry, long list!). I have pinned over 4,500 which definitely shows how much I use this addictive site! My favourite board is obviously, my clothes board. So, if your on Pinterest, find me here, and if your not, join asap!

A snippet from my clothes board!