Friday, 24 October 2014

Ladies First: Chanel SS15 Show Review

First and foremost, I must sincerely apologise for my lack of posts. I would say that only now I have got back into the swing of school. But being that it is now half-term, I hope to be posting a few more things during this week.

The fashion weeks are long over now, but the shows and the clothes have not left our memories. Of the four prominent fashion weeks, Paris is my favourite. I feel they Paris is still the fashion capital, and despite being English, I think the Parisian's have a slight edge on the Londoners. The most looked forward to show of maybe even the whole fashion month, was Chanel's show. Chanel is without a doubt the most famous brand in high-end luxury fashion, always conveying an image of elegance, forward thinking, yet overshadowed with heritage.

Chanel's ss15 show completely and utterly blew me, and I'm sure the majority of the fashionista's all over the world, out of the water. This show, to me, will stick out in the memory for years to come. I thought Chanel's aw14 show was amazing, but this was something else.

The first aspect of the show I will talk about is the layout. They had made the Grand Pailais, Paris, look like a Parisian Avenue, decking it with huge theatres sets looking like houses and the floor was made to look like a road. Chanel, as always, paid immense attention to even the smallest of things to make this look realistic, even going to the extremes of making puddles on the pavement. To add to this marvel, the building it is in is lovely enough as it is. Combined, made one the most beautiful yet extravagant fashion show sets I've ever seen.

The second thing I will talk about, is of course the reason we are here, the clothes. The models were decked out in slouchy suit made of colourful and garish tweed of browns, lilacs, pinks and reds, with the appearance of some grey and green. The outfits came across mismashed, but in the best possible way to say the least. They were casual and quirky, while still holding the couture ambiance Chanel radiate.

It was coloursful and gordy to say the least, but presented in such a laid back and fun way, that itstill pulled of a certain amount of charm.

As the clothes are normally my favourite part of a show, I would leave it for last, but this was not the case this time.  The presentation, layout and thought process impressed me more than the clothes in this show ever will. The show was based around the feminist movement, promoting of equality of both genders and abolishing typical women stereotyping.

The show started off quite differently to most shows. The model arrangement was scattered, and casual; models walking down casually talking to the model beside them. After that, the models walked down in bigger groups, and I think it was then that the audience realised something big was going to happen. Then, the grand finale: the final walk.

All the models came storming through this mock Parasian street, bearing sign's of feminist slogans like 'Ladies First' and 'History is Her Story'. The few of the models, such as Cara Delivinge held loud speakers while shouting: this was a protest, in the most brilliant way.

Fashion can come across a quite a shallow and vain thing, therefore, I absolutely when socialism, human rights and politics comes into it. Being a feminist myself, I loved this show because of the core ethics behind this show.

Feminist or not, I think everyone can appreciate this show as being unique, empowering, and a breath of fresh air from the everyday fashion show.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Favourites

1. Topshop  2.Rag and Bone  3.Vintage  4. Monki

1. Iosselliani  2.Topshop  3. Madewell  4.Skagen

Kindle Fire HD (2013)

As I said in my previous post about the lovely gifts I received for my birthday, my main gift was a Kindle Fire. I never ever thought I'd be the kind to buy want a tablet, let alone a Kindle, but I am most definitely converted! If you want a versatile tablet such as the iPad but want something more affordable, I'd recommend this brilliant item. 

       The Body Shop's Warming Mineral Face Mask

      If I am not mistaken, a few months I featured a Superdrug face mask in
      my favourites. All I can say, is that one has been thrown out the 
      window. This one is all together much gentler, kinder and 
      better for those with more sensitive skin. The consistency can be a bit
      unpredictable, but the mask itself is brilliant. It leaves my skin feeling 
      refreshed and extremely soft. Plus, being of such a reputable brand, 
      it's all natural. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


What I got for my Birthday 2014

So a few weeks ago, I turned 15 years old. I know that I am still young, very young in fact. But that prospect is somewhat scary I must admit. It feels like yesterday that I started high school, now I'm nearing the end. I am typically a worrier, who spends most thought-energy on the future, school and getting good scores and results. But nevertheless, despite my worries and concerns, I had a very lovely day. Unfortunately, the 18th of September fell on a school day, but after that I went out for a meal with my three closest friends, and watched 'If I Stay' at the cinema. The movie was overall good and well made, but nothing outstanding. The storyline was very weak. I received some lovely presents from my friends and family, lots of money, vouchers and random presents that I have no need to write about here, but also some great books and stuff that I wanted to share and sort of review for you.

Kindle Fire HD 7'' (32gb)

I am far from a gadget person. I do not have the latest iPhone, nor do I have a device for everything task in my life. After using my families iPad for years, I decided a tablet of my own would be most useful. And since the iPad for example, if long out of my price range, I  asked for something a little cheaper. In the end, a Kindle Fire. This was only £119.00, which I thought was so very cheap, I didn't expect all that much versatility with this tablet: I was wrong. Not only did this impress me, it wiped my old iPad off the floor completely. I'm thinking of doing a full page review on this Kindle since I was so impressed. And the value for money, don't even get me started. 

 Book - Berlin Street Style  (Angelika Taschen)

  After reading the highly successful and widly reviewed Paris   Street Style, I had to get my hands on this book as soon as it
  came out. I am slightly confused, as both books have the 
  same format, and extremely similar design. Yet by
  completely different people? I must admit, I have not yet read
  this book, but after having a few flicks through, it does look
  like one great book that I can't wait to read in the near future.

Book - Influence (Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen)

This is quite an old book now, being published in 2008. I bought this because not only am I a huge fan on fashion house The Row, but I have grown up watching Mary Kate and Ashley on my television screen. The book is basically filled with pictures and interviews with and of people who inspire them - e.g Karl Lagerfeld, Terry Richardson, ect. Again, I have not read it as of yet, but looking through, it looks like an editorial masterpiece; the format, the layout and the choice of pictures and spreads were all very on point. Cannot wait to read it in depth.  

Book - The Fashion Book (Phaidon)

So this is basically one of the core books in the fashion and art genre. How I didn't own this before hand, I don't know. It is practically a fashion dictionary, giving you just the basic information about designers, brands and pieces. I would call this book a must for any fashion student, or lover alike. A much need reference book, with all the important fashion-related information in once place. Although I got the mini/pocket edition, there is a full size version which I didn't pick up, purely for the money side of things. But, in conclusion, a really great book. 
Book- Hello My Name is Paul Smith

Being a massive Paul Smith fan, I had to get this book. Paul Smith is definitely up there with being one of my all time favourite designers, not just because of his style genius, but because of him as a person. This book is basically a fun through about all his favourite things and how he got to where he is today. Unfortunately, my book came damaged, so I am currently waiting for a replacement. But, I am very much looking forward to reading this book in its entirety. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

London Fashion Week: In a nutshell

London Fashion Week, number two of the big four, is now over. It was long anticipated, and it did not disappoint one bit. Designers, celebrities and fashion lovers alike had been long waiting for this week, and what a week it was! 

Bora Aksu was one of the first collections to walk down the catwalk this year. There wasn't an obvious theme throughout, but there was a running fabric: netting. The majority of outfits had at least one panel of netting or lace in it, which uniquely pulled the pieces together. The colours used were white, baby pink, ice blue, navy, black and once appearance of bright purple. With the frequent use of lace, comes an almost overwhelming sense of heritage, even for new designer and brand. 

Julien Macdonald, long time designer and now a ex-strictly contestant, brought us absolutely flawless collection this year. It was intricate, sleek, and detailed. With many of the dresses screaming bridal, there was beading, lace, stitching and everything any one with a love of fine couture would want. 

I obviously could not go through this post and not mention the fabulous Margaret Howell and her ss15 collection. It was nothing particularly different to any other Howell collection, but if it's not broken, don't fix it. Neutral tones and strong tailoring made for a very British,  androgynous show, which was a refreshing change from the ever so detailed and sparkly couture as of late.

Topshop Unique, on Day 3 was another big show that many people were looking forward too, not just because of the clothes, but because of lead model Cara Delevingne 's walk. The collection was very contradictory: parts of it being beautiful and delicate, other parts preppy, and other areas sporty! It was a strong collection that stood out for me with its undeniable versatility. 

The wonderful Erdem gave us another brilliant collection, that has been widely covered by the media and blogs alike. The majority having aspects of nature and foliage in it; this collection was varied and very different from all the runway shows. Not to mention the amazing showmanship of the stage. Every aspect of Erdem ss15 was beautiful and perfectly executed.

 Chrisopher Kane's collection was by no means a typical S/S collection. Full of dark colours and heavy textures, this collection would have been far more suited to an A/W, but nonetheless suitable in a place like Scotland, where Christopher Kane is from. One repeating thing we saw was the use of rope, otherwise known as macramé. He used in a beautiful way which enhanced the pieces it was on to no end. With the uses of silk and satin, this was a luxurious collection, but no-one would expect anything less.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

New York Fashion Week: in a nutshell

New York fashion week has only come to a final close today. Although fashion month as a whole is by no means over, the first leg of it is, and it went out with a boom. As I said in my previous post 'fashion week pre-thoughts', there were quite a few shows in which I was looking forward too. Also, quite a lot of collections that I wasn't so much looking forward too, that turned out to be my highlights. 

In chronological order, there was only one show that stood out for me on day one (Thursday 4th September)  of New York Fashion Week. That being Tadashi Shoji. I will openly admit that I had never heard of this designer before hand, but I am very glad I discovered him. His collection came across of that of a bigger, more famous designer. It was indeed very beautiful. If I had to choose one word that kept springing to mind throughout this collection, it would be elegant. Everything within the collection was perfectly placed, sewn and balanced: well tailored, and all together well executed. The colours, fabrics, seams, hems and all of which any of the garments included looked one hundred percent perfect. Considering I really didn't expect as marvellous things from this collection,  I was very impressed, and will be following Tadashi in his new collections in the years to come.

As day one flew past, with 13 shows, day two came along with big expectations. This time, two shows stood out for me. Both being extremely different, but equally as impressive. 

First show that I loved was Monique Lhuillier's. It was everything a feminine, 'girly' collection could be. Full of intricate design, netting, pastel colours, and strong silhouettes; the collection was simply flawless. I was looking forward to this collection, and it didn't disappoint. It was in some ways a 'typical' spring/summer collection, regarding the pastels, floral details, long hemlines, but I believe there is no problem with that, as long as it is well carried out, which I believe it was. Not only were the clothes brilliant, the whole show was. For example, the final walk was strong and powerful, with confetti and a great choice of music included. Also, the models hair and make up complimented the collection beautifully. 

The second 'show' which I loved that day was that of Charlotte Ronson. The reason for the averted commas was that it wasn't really a typical show or catwalk which you wouldn't expect from anything other than the top fashion houses. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, in actual fact, it contributed to the collection. The models were stood in a circle where they stood completely still for the duration of the show, surrounded by barriers. Not only is that a physical challenge, it made the collection stand out as a whole and gave it all a somewhat mysterious vibe. 

Obviously, I'm not going to sit here and rant about the great showmanship the whole time. The clothes themselves were beautiful. Block colours intertwined with complementary patterns made a force to be reckoned with. The lengths, layers and contrasting textures gave the collection versatility and togetherness. I don't want to over analyse this collection, so I will finish by saying it was one graceful and elegant show. 

Day 3 was started off with a bang as Lacoste, the biggest show of fashion week so far, started at 10 am that morning. It was good show, but generally Lacoste isn't one of my favourite brands, therefore was not totally my cup of tea. Sporty as usual with block colours, that were all very well presented. 

There is an obvious show that was on Day 3 that was highly anticipated, being one of the fore runners for the whole week. Of course I am talking about no other than Alexander Wang. I am most certainly a Alexander Wang fan, while he was at Balenciaga also, but I will admit this collection was not his best yet, or even close. It was still a good collection and was still of a ridiculously high standard, which I believe he reached, but being such a great and talented designer, I must admit there were some clothes I personally didn't like.

Being a monochrome lover, and comparing to his previous collections, I thought the designs that were for majority black, white and grey were great. The flippy skirts and collared jumpers were all very 'on point' and that section, which was around 2/3 was great and I loved it a lot. The segment I didn't like was the colourful, short, structured bodycon dresses. I thought they didn't fit in, and to be honest, I thought they looked cheap. In a sense, they lowered the whole collection in my eyes, but the rest of his work was tremendous, as per usual.

There wasn't anything 'wrong' with these few designs, but I just didn't think they improved the collection, or fit into the show as a whole.

Marc by Marc Jacobs' collection was definitely that of an art form. If you like clothes that are well made, wearable and beautiful, this collection won't be your cup of the slightest. It was extravagant, eccentric, and all together off the wall, but it was enjoyable and entertaining, and very Marc Jacobs.

I'm obviously not going to do a New York Fashion Week post and talk about Ralph Lauren's bizarre yet spectacular 4D show, something that has not yet been done.  There is not all that much I can say about it, so instead, here it is.

Ralph Lauren himself said ''I really wanted to do something big for the new Polo Women’s brand—something set in the city—that felt modern. We returned to Central Park, a place I love, and captured the spirit of Polo with a truly innovative mix of fashion and technology''

So to finish off this extremely long post, I will leave you with some of the best Street Style pictures of New York Fashion Week, Fall 2014

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