Friday, 22 August 2014

Primark Autumn/Winter 2014

It is nearing the end of August now, which means as soon as September comes, most of the high-street shops if not already, will be supplied with all the new autumn/winter stock.  Not all that many everyday fashion shops show their new stock until it's official release, or at a press day; especially not online. But Primark have gone above and beyond, and have released the official AW14 campaign on the web.  

Primark has a very shaky reputation. Especially after the recent bad press about the manufacture's working conditions after a worker sewed a message into a garment pleading for help. Although I believe they are working on the matter, I am here to talk purely about the clothes.

The SS14 had some very strong pieces which were extremely affordable and 'non-primarky', although as normal there were quite a few naff pieces which are still in store now, trying to be flogged for a quid or two.

This AW14 collection looks too, like it has quite a few strong pieces, especially in the shoe and outerwear departments. Here are a few pictures of Primark's newest collection.

This fluffy coat above has to be my favourite item of the whole range. It is a direct copy of Topshop's Tea Pea coat which was extremely popular last year. 

The whole collection has some very good individual items which are very impressive within itself, although in my opinion, the collection lacked unity and togetherness. The styling in the photos has many weaknesses, although quite a lot of the clothes were nice.

Quality is often the most common problem with Primark's clothing, which is completely understandable considering the cost of the clothes to make. Although, sometimes, the quality can be too low to even be worth buying. Its hard to tell if these clothes in the pictures are good quality, the only way you can really tell is when they come in store and see them for yourself.

Overall, this collection has some strengths and weaknesses'. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Spice up your life

History is a very important part of fashion, because as with every other industry in the world, what we have today was shaped by what others did all those years ago. The Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan era's, all, although a very long time ago, contributed in some way to the fashion industry and how it looks today. 

In more recent years, the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's have all impacted the coming and going trends we have now. Although I'm not a trends person as such, the 1990's are currently the decade to mimic, and its all very understandable. 

The 90's was quite a revolutionary decade. Electronics developed more this decade than anything other decade in the 20th century. The Internet was invented. 90s music also became a standing factor in this history of music, giving us bands such as Nirvana, Oasis and Blur. The fashions were somewhat frowned upon afterwards, but have suddenly come back in vogue as of late. 

The Spice Girls are also one of the most memorable pioneering factors of the 1990's 

No, I'm not quite into it as much as some others who go for the full monty with chocker's, crop tops, and distressed denim, but I have been taking aspects from this great decade to inspire what I've been wearing as of late.

Fashion icons of the 90s include people such as Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Victoria Beckham, Qwen Stefani, all famous for different reasons, but nonetheless very speculated within the media. 

Fashion wise, the 90's held both good and bad aspects, as with any other decade I believe. As I mentioned earlier, crop tops, choker necklaces, and knee highs, and and although are not particularly to my taste, are still loved and worn today.

So the good parts of 90s fashion that I wear on a regular basis are all way aside from the glitter loving, boob-tube wearing, pop culture of that of the late 90s, but more based around the grunge revolution that happened around mid to late 80's, but happily stretching into the next decade. Here, I have put together a few 90's inspired outfits, which in my opinion, you can get away in every day life without looking borderline naff.

As for the items themselves...

Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Favourites

1. Etsy  2. Asos  3.Asos  4. Topshop
1. Opening Ceremony  2.Shark  3.Asos  4.DKNY

Superdrug's own De-Stressing Aloe Vera Mud Mask

I have by no means got acne, but I do get breakouts quite frequently. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a face mask to eliminate my breakouts. I bought this mud mask from Superdrug, and my feelings toward has changed with use. The first time I wore it, I kept it on for tha amount of time instructed, and after only five minutes, my face was burning. When I took it off after 15 full minutes, my skin was left red, sore, and extremely warm. I decided I must have kept it on too long. Next time I used it, I kept it on for only 5 minutes, and my skin was left feeling very soft and clear. This is a good product, but is obviously very strong, so if you buy it, take this into consideration.

Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink

I think this must be the first edible thing I have included in my favourites, as I am by no means a food or drink expert. The energy drink market is obviously very popular, but most of the drinks available are filled with horrid chemicals and a common animal product Taurine. This energy drink is completely different to all in its category, as it is 100% organic, natural, and vegan. It labels itself as 'berry flavour', when to me its taste is primarily pomegranate. You can find this is most supermarkets and health stores, as well as Boots which is where I found it.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Book Review: Talking Fashion

I read a quite a few fashion books. I've said this numerous times, but fashion books in general are my favourite genre - if it is a genre. I've read many over the years, but a few weeks back I picked up the book 'Talking Fashion' by Jan Kedves from the library, and I'm so glad I did.

This book was different to most books about the intriguing world of fashion. Most other books are either 'what to wear' kinda books, or hardcore history of couture books, either of which can be tedious. The concept of this book was basically interview after interview. It includes interviews with Raf Simons (being the most famous) to fashion illustrators, photographers - the lot.

Because it consisted of interviews and interviews only, it was written (obviously) in a completely conversational matter. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally found it very refreshing. Easy to read, and not mind-clogging at all. Casual and relaxing - something very new to the world of fashion literature.

Raf Simons was probably the most famous person who was interviewed in this book.
The pictures were also very well chosen and placed. Each relevant to the current subject the interviewee is talking about. Good quality with suiting captions, the pictures were un-faultable. 

If you, like myself, are an avid fashion reader, I recommend this book to you. It's oh so easy to read, and not at all tedious. Also, its very new and up to date. You can pick this book up for around £13.50 on Amazon UK. Its definitely worth the read. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

3 Picks: American Apparel

American Apparel has been a huge brand for a little while now. They have grown in popularity very quickly, and currently seems the be the 'cool' place to buy clothes. Their very simple, kind of 90's looks have sparked interest with fashionistas all over the world; not just America. They have some very lovely bits and pieces for all styles and ages. Here are my top 5 favourite items from American!

The Grid Print Lolita Set

Colours: Black/White

Price: $88.00/£51.41 
(together, also available separately)

In the very playful cut but very minimal print, this Lolita inspired two-set is a great summer set. On the expensive side, but could be worn many ways. 

Medium Wash High-Waist Jean

Colours: stone wash

Price: $90.00/£52.58

I loved Mom jeans way before they were in fashion, and although I believe Thrift Shops are the best place to get them, if second-hand isn't your jam, then I think American Apparel offer a good substitute. 

Tennis Skirt

Colours: white/black/red/peach/navy/cream (more)

Price: $54.00/£31.55

The rather famous and widely copied Tennis Skirt has been extremely popular over the past few weeks. In my opinion, rather short, but nothing a pair of cycling shorts couldn't handle. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

New Designer: Silvina Maestro and 'Theorema' Review

The other day I came across a very new and exciting fashion designer - Silvina Maestro. As a self professed 'conceptual fashion artist', Silvina who is from London, is young and has a long and prosperous future in the fashion industry. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, she was offered a job by Givenchy and almost immediately started working opposite Riccardo Tisci. 

Her most recent collection 'Theorema' is a very unsteady and unpredictable collection in my opinion; in a good way, of course. With this collection, you don't know where quite where you are standing, and each piece is very different. All too often, you see a collection based around the same look, and although that works for some, it is very refreshing to see it from another point of view. With merging but versatile pieces, it is one very impressive collection. 

With mixtures of flowing chiffon and structured cotton, and the combinations of modern clean cuts and heritage-inspired bodices, this collection gives versatility and surprise more than anything. My favourite pieces from Theorema are the cloud print skirt, and the one-strapped floral top that to me comes across as Valentino inspired. I also love the long, loose dresses that looks like they could be worn by that of a Greek goddess. 

The collection is different from one piece to the next, but it tied together by the almost monochrome colour scheme, with the exceptions of electric blue and gold.