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Hobbies? Blogging, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, reading, learning. Anything really. I spend 80% of my time doing things that are artistic, and the other 20% I'm on the computer or watching some rubbish t.v show.

Who are your style icons? Twiggy, Mary Quant, Susie Lau, Elle Fanning, Alexa Chung, Andy Warhol, and other people along that retro, quirky avenue.

Why Did You Start this Blog? Ever since I can remember, fashion has been the only subject I have ever wanted to pursue a career in. Nothing else intrests me. Imagine a five year old being asked in primary school what she wants to be when she was older; all the other girls saying Vet! Popstar! and then theres this girl saying Fashion Designer. That would be me. At such a young age, getting into fashion can be a hard, and long process. Blogging, some would consider it a shortcut, but this is the only way at my age to be heard of. Not that I'm doing it for those motives, but it's a plus. Ultimately, It's because I love fashion.

What Do You Wanna Be When Your Older? I would really love to be a Fashion Journalist, or writer. Working for a magazine, or online site would be great. I would also love to be a designer for a company. Even being a full time blogger would be amazing. At my young age, it is hard to say; but something to do with fashion, that is for sure.

Favourite Shops? Easy, Charity Shops! All my favourite things are from charity shops. There is no contest really.

What camera do you use? A Canon EOS 350D, Canon 50D or a Fujifilm S2950

Where do you live? A beautiful cultured city called Exeter in Devon, England

Favourite Designers/Brands? Paul Smith, Alexander Wang (or wangy as I call him), Christopher Kane, Marc jacobs, yeah, you get it. 

Favourite Artist? Andy Warhol, by far.

Fashion Must Haves? Well, I'm not sure about everyone else but, mine are: Doc Martens, turtle-necks, ripped jeans, satchel, 'mom jeans', mesh, clean silhouette shirts, the list goes on...

Blogger I Look up to Most? I'm not sure. Susie and Tavia are obviosuly amazing. I also love the vlogger Jenn Im from Clothsencounters, she's amazing.

If there is anything else you would like to ask, contact me here: thenameislois@gmail.com

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