Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Simon Drew

One of my favourite modern artists, is a man named Simon Drew, who is an illustrator and cartoonist from England. He is famous for is pen and ink drawings which are quirky, humorous, and incredibly precise. I especially like some of his colourful pieces, so much so I have two prints on my bedroom wall, one them being this drawing of some fish with the tag line "cod moving in mysterious ways''.

 I am really into modern art, and Simon Drew is one of my favourites. I love they way he uses hatching, and cross hatching as a use of shading. He uses subtle, yet bright colours in a very clever way, to make the pieces stand out, but doesn't make it tacky or garish. Most pieces have funny quotes or tag lines, which make his artwork all the more unique and special. He has a gallery in the same town as my nan; a cute, little cobbled street, harbour town by the name of Dartmouth. He has a quaint studio/gallery there, which I have walked past several times, each of which he is sitting in a chair drawing away.

He sells merchandise such as crockery, ceramics, prints, coasters, bags and all sorts of other things all around the country. He also exhibits in Chris Beetles gallery in St.James, London.

I thought I would just let you guys know about him, and his fab art work which I am huge fan of. On that note, I will leave you with some of my favourite pieces from him.

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