Friday, 16 August 2013

My Camera

With myself posting on this blog quite frequently, I am really getting into it. Though, there is one kind of post I am lacking: personal posts. By that, I mean the sort when I take photos of where I've been and then write a couple of paragraphs about it.

These sort of posts are hard for me, since I don't got all that many exciting places. I got to quite a few towns, but I live in the countryside, and can't just go to London to take some fashion related photos. I do have a camera, I will use, and I will get some personal posts up soon, I promise!

The main point of this post, was to talk about my camera. I got it about two years ago for Christmas 2011. It is a FujiFilm S2950 (14mp, 18x Optical Zoom). It is a standard bridge camera. It is a very good camera for beginners, since it is very reasonably priced and very simple to use. It's very good at up close shots, because it has 3 micro settings, but isn't so good for far away photos. It has a video camera, with reasonably good sound quality, and a panorama setting as well. Overall, I really good, practical camera for the beginners out there, to catch a quick picture here and there.

Here are just a few of my favourite photos I have taken with this camera. For more, visit my flickr here.

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