Friday, 9 August 2013


Even though the winter months aren't with us quite yet, I can only long for the time where I can wear my big duffle coat again. For reasons alike, I find winter so much more fun when it comes to fashion. In the summer, wearing sweaters, coats, and boots can be rather uncomfortable, which I know since I stepped out wearing a fairisle jumper the other day, only to find it to become 24 degrees mid afternoon! Layering is another reason the Autumn/Winter season is so much more entertaining, and it's easier to divert and waver from style to style, which I enjoy doing quite often. Layering has, like many other 'trends' always been around, perhaps just to keep warm when you go to a firework display on Bonfire night. These days, it's a far more thought about process, then just chucking on a vest and a t-shirt before your actual outfit. You can do it in so many different ways. Some of my favourites being..

  • Wearing a collared shirt and a jumper is perhaps the most popular, but what a difference it makes to an outfit! If this is 'childs play' for you, put a waist long jacket with it, and even then throwing on a long coat of some sort over all of it is a good idea.

  • Layering accessories? Yes! Of course, you can't just 'layer' them; somehow, I don't think wearing five scarves, and two pairs of gloves is going to catch on. Wearing a scarf, under a jumper I suppose is a form of layering. Thankfully, I found a picture to convey my thought. This lady (right below) here wore a yellow scarf, and then placed a plaid jacket over the top, and then wore a long, charcoal coat. Not only does this keep you warm, but if you are a more minimalistic person, a scarf could be all you need to add a splash of colour into your outfit. I should probably call this 'putting an accessory within the layering' but hey ho!


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