Tuesday, 22 October 2013


When it comes to shoes, there are few which I really love. When I say really, I mean really. Dr.Martens are my all time favourite shoe brand, and Jeffrey Cambell have a couple of pairs of stunners, but at the moment, no pair of DM's or Litas could ever beat this lush pair of shoes from Stella McCartney: The Corine Loafer Ah, how I do love a good old loafer-this one especially! Stella McCartney have some nice shoes, but none in my eyes to this high quality standard. It's fair to say I'm going a bit gaga over these lovely shoes, but who isn't? Even Susie Lau from Style Bubble has a pair of these shoes, so they must be good!
 These beautiful shoes aren't made of your usual leather. They are actually made of a type of faux leather, which is partially made of vegetable oil, which I believe makes it shiny and gives it the effect of patent leather. Being a veg head (aka, vegetarian), this is a great, animal-friendly alternative to leather, which I believe has the potential to revolutionize the shoe industry.

As I said, Miss.Lau from Style Bubble has a pair of these lush loafers, and lucky her, she has both colour options! They also come in a snakeskin pattern, which highly lends itself to the cut out tongue on the shoe. But personally, the black paired with the tortoise shell has to be my favourite.

Here is another beautiful pair of Stella shoes. Like the Corine loafer colour combinations, but with a nice heel on a platformed pump.
Unfortunately, these lovely pairs of shoes will put you back around £545, which I'm not ashamed to say, is a little too much for me, or my parents. Anyway, I suppose I can always admire from afar..correct?

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