Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Box Bag

Acne Studios has most certainly been a sturdy contender for my favourite luxury brand of mine for a long time. Their simplistic, elegant and transparent view of fashion is most certainly refreshing to the normal brands of today. Their recent collections have been second to none, and it is no surprise I fell in love with some of their newest creations.

The rather famous 'Box Bag' is a typical style of bag; that has a broad base, and half-resembles the shape of a rectangle. But, I personally believe the new range of Acne bags are far more suiting to the term.  So, here it is. The new range of Acne clutch bags. A solid plastic, folding lid, leather lined, mirror included, boxy clutch. Whether to your taste or not, you have to take your hats of to the board at Acne, for designing such a interesting, and comical piece. The price, you may say, is not so funny. £800 is a lot for a bag, but of course that is not its only purpose. It could be used at a clutch bag,vanity case, make-up box, jewellery-box, anything! You can use it for anything you could use a box for, but still a large amount of money I'm not quite prepared to pay.

If the rather humorous, bored face (:I) isn't quite up your street, than they are available with the logo on, in a variety of colours. Also, if this geometric box is too heavy in size for your delicate taste, they also come in a smaller size, for the more petite fashionistas of the world.

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