Sunday, 29 December 2013

My Christmas Presents

Hello everyone! Like I said, I am going to do a run through all the lovely things I got for Christmas. I got everything I wanted, and even some surprises! I hope you guys all had a lovely Christmas too, and got lots of great presents and had some nice family time. So, here is what I got!

Big Presents

1. Dr.Martens 1461

If you read my Dr.Marten post than you'll know that I received the Dr.Marten 1041 for Christmas, after becoming a doc fan after getting the 1460 last Christmas. I really love them, and they were my biggest, and my most favourite present I got this year.

2. Paul Smith A-Z (book)

Being a massive Paul smith fan, I really wanted this book. I'd read good reviews, and stuck it on my Christmas list. I've read it from cover to cover already, and I absolutely love it. I recommend to any Paul fans, of fashion fans in general!

3. 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion

A really good, informative book. A lot of writing and some well thought out pictures. I didn't agree that all of these ideas 'changed' fashion, but nonetheless, a really good book. (I will be doing a book review of these 2 books sometime soon)

4. Wood Stag Head

I really love fake taxidermy, but a lot of it is very expensive. My dad found this in a local art and knew I'd love it, and I do! it comes flat pack (almost like air fix) and you pop out the pieces which slot together. It will be going to my arm wall soon enough!

5.  'Burberry' Scarf

Obviously not real Burberry, but I had wanted a scarf like this for ages! I really love it, and can't wait to wear it. Its super soft, and is nice a long for someone who is 5'9 like me!

6. Trowel

My brother gave me a trowel and a pack of garlic seeds. Why? I'm not quite sure! But, they are useful gifts as I do like a bit of gardening, and have more indoor plants that need re-potting.

7. Scottie Dog Shortbread Tin

I love dogs, so my mum picked up for me a Scottie Dog Shortbread tin, which of course, is loaded with shortbread. It's so cute and I'll be able to use it any time of the year, not just for Christmas!

8. Michael Buble Christmas

Not actually in the picture, but my lovely friend Rebekah gave me the Michale Buble Christmas Deluxe addition! I did ask for it, so she was more than happy to give it. It's currently sitting in the car, and I've been listening to it since October!

Stocking and Tree Gifts 

9. Sewing Stuff
For sewing stuff, I was given to sheets of Ada fabric, a min embroider wheel, a wheel of heart pins, and a little cottage tin filled with pins. I love my sewing and embroidery, so I can't wait to use these cute little accessories.

10. Cooking Stuff
As for cooking and baking stuff, I got two pudding dishes, a silicone splatula, some daisy cutters, and some cute heart sprinkly things. I love baking, although I'm not really all that good at it.

11. Art Stuff
My mum recently went to a art fair, and bought me a Derwent blender, and two fine paint brushes. I really recommend the blenders as they are good for mixing pencil and charcoal, and you can also use them as a white.

12. Items for Home
My brother bought me an origami-style plastic bird which is so adorable. And a family-friend bought be a scented clay ornament which smells like apple and cinnamon (aka Christmas!).

13. Cosmetics
I'm not sure if you would call the cosmetics as such, but more 'bathy-beauty-stuff'. I got the Rimmel '500 Disco Ball' which is a clear polish, with blue and green glitter. I've worn it already and it's long lasting and looks amazing. I also received three of Cath Kidstons mini shower gels. I am obsessed with Cath kidston fragrances as they smell just like real flowers. They're really worth that little bit extra. I also got given a peel face mask, and a tea-bag style infused bag for your bath..I can't wait!

14. Confectionary
Although not all of it is here (Hm, I wonder why), I got given a pack of chocolate penguins, Hotel Chocolat Tiddly penguins, a penguin chocolate lolly, a pack of popping candy, a Lindt bear (what Christmas without Lindt!?) and some little lindt father christmas'. They won't last long.

So there, along with money, was all the lovely presents I got given. I'm not boasting, and I am genuinely grateful for all of these presents. I feel sort of deflated now Christmas is over, but we have got New Year now, and I actually have a Christmas party mid January, so the festivities continue! 

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