Sunday, 16 February 2014


As it is fashion week, I thought I would just briefly let you know about a great website that is especially handy at this time of the year. Some of you may know about it, some may not. The website is called Fashion156 and it basically covers all things fashion all year round. Despite this website is an almost 24/7 fashion coverage, in this rather confusing time called fashion week, it makes it so much easier to view the latest shoes from the comfort of your computer.

As I said, I love this website because it shows you all of the collections just as they come out.It comes with top-notch photography, and a small review.
Home Page
When on the homepage, simply click collections for all the latest fashion shows. Also, you can look at the archives that go back to SS11! All including AW, Menswear, and couture! 

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