Monday, 7 April 2014

Pinterest Love

Ever since I joined Pinterest around the end of last year, I have been borderline obsessed. Before hand, Tumblr was my favourite sight, but Pinterest has now pushed it way out top spot!

If you don't know exactly what Pinterest is or does, I'll try and briefly explain. You can create boards (like folders) and then can 'pin' various pictures, video's, even gifs to your boards. You can follow people with similar interests, and there pins will come up on your feed. It's very simple and effective.

I have 22 boards. They are Things, Clothes, Art, Decor, Quotes, People, Photography, Dogs, Hair, Places, Creation, Faith, Tele/Film, and Books. I also have Flowers/Plant, Adverts, Couture, Food, Wishlist, Chuckle, Design, and Animals (sorry, long list!). I have pinned over 4,500 which definitely shows how much I use this addictive site! My favourite board is obviously, my clothes board. So, if your on Pinterest, find me here, and if your not, join asap!

A snippet from my clothes board!

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