Friday, 11 April 2014

What's the temperature?

Although this was nearly a month ago, Tokyo Fashion Week definitely impressed me. Quite often, the big four, are a tad repetitive. Not to be taken the wrong way, (they must be the big 4 for a reason) they can sometimes a be a bit of the same thing over and over. But, Tokyo, Sydney and many other cities do also do a fashion week in the typical format, and are sometimes a bit more new, and a tad more fresh.

When I set out to look at Tokyo Fashion week, I must say, I did believe the typical stereotype that it would all be pink, fluffy with ears, but no, it wasn't, and most of it wasn't. To be honest, the Miu Miu collection at Paris Fashion week was more colourful and eccentric than all of Tokyo's fashion week put together. Shown at Tokyo Fashion Week on the 22nd of last month, was a brand called 'A Degree Fahrenheit'. I'd never come across them before as I normally didn't engage in the other fashion weeks (silly me!). This very less-is-more Tokyo based brand was on the the catwalk runs that stood out to me, simply because of it's perfect tailoring and choice of colours. Black, Duck Egg Blue and Beige are three very overused colours that can get tediously boring, but used with such care in this position. A really great collection.

Click here for the rest of the collection

Here a few of some of the other collections I was thoroughly impressed by.

Afriquan Apeiron

Yasutoshi Ezumi

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