Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Favourites

1. Topshop  2.Rag and Bone  3.Vintage  4. Monki

1. Iosselliani  2.Topshop  3. Madewell  4.Skagen

Kindle Fire HD (2013)

As I said in my previous post about the lovely gifts I received for my birthday, my main gift was a Kindle Fire. I never ever thought I'd be the kind to buy want a tablet, let alone a Kindle, but I am most definitely converted! If you want a versatile tablet such as the iPad but want something more affordable, I'd recommend this brilliant item. 

       The Body Shop's Warming Mineral Face Mask

      If I am not mistaken, a few months I featured a Superdrug face mask in
      my favourites. All I can say, is that one has been thrown out the 
      window. This one is all together much gentler, kinder and 
      better for those with more sensitive skin. The consistency can be a bit
      unpredictable, but the mask itself is brilliant. It leaves my skin feeling 
      refreshed and extremely soft. Plus, being of such a reputable brand, 
      it's all natural. 

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