Sunday, 25 August 2013

Accipe Me in Civitatem- Take Me to the City

I'm a country bumpkin, that is for sure. I've lived in the countryside all my life, and I absolutely love it. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to be whisked off to a city, where life is busy, chaotic, and every day brings a new site. Yesterday, I travelled up to Bristol; a city in south-west England. It's the closest landmark city to where I live, and a great treat to be able to go there for the day.

My home city is a quiet, cultured, arty city which I love very much. But Bristol brings something new. This city is the home to one of the most famous street artists ever, Banksy. He is a world-wide graffiti artist, who's identity has not yet officially been uncovered. I was able to see a couple of his pieces while I was there, and I was especially interested in this piece. No one is quite sure if this IS a Banksy. It shares the same look, style, and secrecy, but this time, the artist was caught in the process. In March 2013, in the early hours of the morning, Rachel Hosie, a student, was able to take some photos. I guess no-one will ever know if this is a true Banksy. 

While there, myself and my family wandered around Cabot Circus, which is a shopping centre, made of the most amazing architecture. It's three stories high, and has some high-street stores such as House of Fraser, and New Look, and then has some smaller, independent shops and boutiques.
 Bristol is also home to Aardman Studios, a famous animation company which is famous for the likes of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Chicken Run, and Flushed Away. On the 1st of July they started a campaign called 'Gromit Unleashed' which is a trail of sculptured Gromits, from Wallace & Gromit, designed by many celebrities and artists. They were made to make money for the Bristol Children's Hospital, which is very close to my heart since my brother was treated for cancer there in 2010. There are 80 sculptures all around the city of Bristol, by people such as Cath Kidston, Joanna Lumley, and Zayn Malik.It is such a fun day out, and some of the Gromits were done amazingly. If you are a fan of Wallace & Gromit, I recommend to head to Bristol to check them out!

One of my favs: Vincent Van Gromit!

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