Thursday, 12 September 2013

Flat List

I live in flats. I only have once simple pair of red wedges, which are a good option, for a rare and special occasion. At my age (and height!) wearing heels would come across as rather preposterous, and would make me even more of a giant that I am already am; meaning, flats is where it is for me, and I'm more than happy with that.

Brogues and Loafers are my most favourite shoes if you are looking for something versatile, but still current and comfortable, I believe this list may be of use to you. Here are some of my most favourite pairs of flat shoes for the coming A/W13. For some of you more blessed fashionistas, I have prepared some shoes of better quality, and a higher price tag, and for some of us who haven't got quite so much money, there is some lovely, affordable high-street picks. 

 Salvatore Ferragamo Redo Loafer


Okay, not quite sure if anyone quite has this to spend on a lovely pair of pure leather loafers, but if you do, these would be a lovely choice!


 Saks Fifth Avenue Leather Point-Toe Loafer Flats


If you love a good point, like myself, I love these Italian slip-ons, in this lovely tan colour. I would call these ''a wearable investment!"


Hudson Women's Hollin Calf Leather Brogues


*cough, cough* An awful lot like Doc.Martens..agreed? Oh well! I love this pear of simple lace up brogues, and think the striped sole is a really great touch. 

 Miu Miu Cap Toe Smoking Loafer


Personally, I'm not a huge fan of patent leather, but if you are, these capped shoes look like comfortable, every-day sort- of- a- shoe.



 Minimarket cut out oxford, leopard


I can't actually explain, how much I love this           beautiful pair of shoes. I would rather have these beauties than some of those more expensive shows up the top. This twist on a classic, is probably my favourite pair of shoes of the moment. Give them to me..please!


Dr.Martens Polley Shoe Mary Janes


I am a huge Dr.Marten fan. I own a lovely pair of the 1460 Black smooth boots, which I was lucky enough to recieve for Christmas. They are my most prised fashion item I have, and I love them! These are a great pair of mary-jane's which are a quirky and playful twist on a very hard pair of shoes.

 A little more affordable...

 Office Tudor Loafer


A sturdy, fashionable pair of shoes which you could wear with absolutely anything you can dream of. I think Office might have a new customer on the way. 

 Office Terrific Loafer


When you say ''Loafer'' this is what I think. A tan, tasselled pair of shoes. Lovely Juble! 

  Adney Loafers-Jack Wills

Although these are sold out, I believe  the are      bringing them back in stock-I hope. These unusual white pair of shoes could be a great alternative for some more modern dressers, perhaps.

 ASOS Markey Leather Brogues


I love this two-tone pair of brogues. I'd rather them a tad chunkier, but overall, a great bargain considering the price. 

H&M Loafers


'Nough Said

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