Friday, 20 September 2013

Kilt Guilt

According to Wikipedia, a kilt is a ''knee length garment with pleats, originally from the Scottish Highlands, and designed for men''. All my life, it would be fair to say I pretty much hated kilts. At my school, I actually had to wear a heavy, purple and green, frayed edge kilt, and I think ever since, it has obscured my view of a Scottish classic.

Tartan, check, and geometric patterns are going to be huge this season..I can see it coming! In blazers, trousers, and kilts alike: I think it's going to be a massive trend. I've never worn or bought a kilt, but I think that is all about to change. I was doing my ordinary charity shop haul in my local town, and came across a very Burberry-esque patterned kilt. My first reaction included me just strolling by, and then I slowly walked back. I left the shop, and then later came back to have a second look. In the end, I didn't buy that one, but I am most certainly looking out for them now. 

When trying to find some examples of a jolly good kilt, I came across the brand ''Lands' End'', which of course is a place, but also a very fashionable and rather classy clothing line. They sell a lot of warm sweater vests, smart polished shoes, long knitted cardigans;-and kilts. My favourite has to be the dark, bottle green classic plaid. The styling possibilities are endless considering the style. So if looking for a reasonably cheap, and extremely wearble kilt, the Lands' End shop is the place to go.


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