Sunday, 22 September 2013

Oh, Bubble!

Susie Bubble: one of the biggest and most famous fashion bloggers in the world. That, as we all know is not an easy title to have. She is well known for her eccentric wardrobe, and her un-faultable knowledge of couture. She started her blog ''Style Bubble'' in 2006, and is now one of the most read fashion sites on the web. 

Phil Oh, another very well known and respected name in the world of fashion blogging. He, like Miss.Bubble, started his blog in 2006. His blog features street style from every city, from every corner of the world. New York, Paris...check, of course. Seoul and Warsaw, covered too! A very useful tool for all the other blogs of the world..including me.
Style Bubble's layout and design & Susie Lau in one of her bright and colourful outfits

Phil Oh and his blog, Street Pepper
Along with this comes many opportunities to design, make and promote your own clothes. This year Susie and Phil joined in alliance to design some items, with the very appropriate name ''Oh, Bubble!'' which sold in Urban Outfitters. 
 The small collection included some of the pieces above, which are my favourite from the very small line. My absolute favourite is the Kimono Jacket, on picture three. It's very East stern, but still contemporary with the Western world. I think UO paired it very well with this simple ivory dress, and overall makes a unique but still stylish outfit. 

For you American readers, (and according to my stat map, I do have some!) Urban Outfitters is having a last minute sale on the few remaining items. 

The Kimono has been reduced from $139.99 to $49.99, the Pyjama Pant from $99.00 to $19.99 and the Wrap Skirt from £79.00 to $29.99. Big, great whopping reductions, so i recommend to go the the website straight away if interested.

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