Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn Days

I would say I am now officially back in the school routine-just. Now my birthday is over, so is the fun and games, therefore, I now can get my head stuck back into my work, and focus on the year ahead. For the majority of people, this time of year is rather down-cast and depressing, but honestly, I couldn't be more pleased. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons of the year, thus the slowly declining temperatures, and the earlier evenings are all rather uplifting for myself.

Along with the cold temperatures, comes new fashions! (yay!) Not only coats, but gloves, hats, scarves, boots, even umbrellas! All rather up my avenue when it comes to my personal taste. When doing my weekly scroll through the ''New Arrivals'' on several high-street shops website, I couldn't help but notice the amazing style, quality, and colours H&M has to offer this season. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I don't know, something grabbed my attention. Some of my favourites include...


No, not exactly cheap for your high-street, but it's a coat that should last a while since it is 53% wool. Very easy and simple to style, and would look good with almost everything in your wardrobe.


Ahh, a classic! A nice simple navy trench coat. If I didn't already have one, I'd be in H&M as we speak. Little confused why this one is so much cheaper, as this coat is 50% wool too!?


I knew check would be in! A good and sturdy coat, with a side closing. Two diagonal pockets either side. Even though cheap, I think this one could be a sensible investment..no?


A simple black satchel, which could be extremely useful for school I imagine. I, myself, do prefer an actual 1950's satchel, but if you can't come by them, this is a good substitute!



Loving the colour of this box bag, with two handles, and one strap. Big, roomy, and dark green. What more could you ask for?


If you're looking for a black, everyday bag, I think this one is a great choice. To be honest, I find it sliiigghtly boring, but every girl needs a blag bag.


Not a fan of hats whatsoever, but if I had to wear one, I'd go for this felt hat. Great for every season of the year. You could pull it off at Christmas, and at the beach. Perfect.


Simple pair of grey mittens. (not sure what else to say)


Trying to find cheap, but nice umbrella's is hard, but a situation that comes up often enough living in England. This floral one is a good 'en, don't you think?

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