Thursday, 17 October 2013

10 Blogs and Why I Read Them (Part 1)

For a blogger, reading other blogs on similar, or completely different topics, is a very fun, inspirational thing to do. My bookmarks list basically consists of all my favourite blogs, and I check them most days to see the latest posts. So, I thought, ''Lets do a list of 10 different blogs, and what they specialize in, and what I gain from them,''; and thats what I'm gonna do.

Some of these might be the biggest blogs in the fashion department, nothing too rare, but I hope you will find some new blogs that you didn't read before on this list too.

Street style- Altamira

 Altamira is a street-style blog, basically consisting of off-duty models. The blog is five years old, and is one of the biggest street-style blogs around. 

I really love this blog because of the old, rustic feel to the photos. The subject matter is good, and the plain simplicity is very appealing.

What I'm Wearing- Blame it on Fashion

Blame it on Fashion is a ordinary fashion blog, that doesn't particularly focus on ''What I'm Wearing'', but does include quite a bit of it, all extremely well done.

Good photo's, good outfits, and good captions; a good blog! 

Something Different- Advanced Style 
Advanced Style is one of my most favourite blogs on the net. Ari Seth Cohan is set out to turn the fashion world's eyes to the older, more advanced fashionistas. So refreshing to see something different for a change! Not just pretty 20-somethings wearing designer clothes.
 My blogpost about Advanced Style

Depiction-Miss Moss

 Miss Moss is an fashion, art, beauty, lifestyle - y'know, an everything blog. Not too much writing, but if you prefer visual representations, this blog is for you. Good quality pictures, nice captions, and a nice layout and design. Really do love this one.  


 I don't read that many art blogs, but I do really love this arty blog, Fredbutlerstyle. It's colourful, simple, and uplifting. An easy read if you're not up to reading chunks and chunks of writing.

To be continued..

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