Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kwangho Lee

Despite my efforts to create some witty and clever title for this post, I really could not resist writing an arty-farty post. Recently, I have become fascinated with plants, nature and wildlife - plants particularly. To me, gardening sounds like too much hard work, so indoor plants is about the extent my green fingers are prepared to go. My bedroom is completely filled with succulents,varieties of ivy, and my favourite: cacti. I have several. Some big, some small, some spiky, some fury. I find it so enticing that the same specie of plant can come is so many different shapes and sizes.The other day, I came across Korean artist, Kwangho Lee. He is an artist who specialises in sculpture and paintings. His paintings are my favourite, and I can not believe all of these pieces of art are oil on canvas. Utterly amazing.

'Touch' exhibition in Kukje Gallery, Seoul

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