Thursday, 31 October 2013

10 Fashion Crimes

Fashion mistakes or true faux-pas could be other possible titles for this post. We've all  been there, done that-and hopefully not going back. Supposedly what we are wearing now could be called a mistake in thirty years time, just like what we say about the leotards of the eighties. Though, having said that, there are some things on this that I might eventually learn to love-just like my favourite turtleneck. I guess this is a list of fashion 'things' that I hate now. I'm not trying to upset anyone, and if you don't agree, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments!

1. Leggings

I really hate leggings. I don't mind them as a warmer substitute for tights, but as trousers..really!? There are few things I hate more than seeing people walk around with see-through, cellulite highlighting, elasticated leggings. A thing I've heard a couple of times is ''Don't wear leggings as trousers if your on the larger side'', but I just think you should never wear them as trousers, no matter what your figure. Oh, and don't get me started on patterned leggings!

 2. Branded Clothes

So what I'm talking about here is Hollister, Animal, Superdry, etc. Don't get me wrong, some of these brands have some really nice, subtle pieces, but I really do hate the hoodies and t-shirts with the brand plastered all over the front. It's just cheap advertising!

 3. Damaged Clothes

This one I really must own up too, since I do perform this crime quite often. Holes, hitches, rips and missing buttons are all small, but completely noticeable occurrences I see (and do) too much. I really must practice what I preach and fix my clothes. It doesn't take long and can completely upgrade one of your most worn garments.

4. Elasticated Jeans

I'm not talking about stretchy jeans, 'jeggings' or anything like that, I'm talking about boyfriend/slouchy jeans, with elasticated ankles. I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about, but I can't really describe them much better. They are hideous.

5. Combat Trousers/Capri Trousers

Combat trousers have got to be on my list of fashion crimes. I'm still yet to find anyone who styles them well, or even looked good in them! Even men look bizarre in them. The huge pockets, the hanging pockets..oh dear, I really hate these.

6. 'Boob' Tubes/Bandeau's

Like leggings, these tops are often thrown into the 'skinny' realm, but again, like leggings, no matter what your figure, boob tubes look bad on all! No only do they stick to cellulite, they broaden your shoulders which is definitely not flattering

7.  Ill fitting Clothes

I guess this one is a tad obvious, but having said that, I see it far too often! Wearing too big or too smaller clothes  both make you look bigger than you actually are. Things that are labelled 'oversized' are alright, since they have been designed and cut in such a way, they are somehow flattering. But things that are just too big, especially in the neck and shoulders, will just make you look fat. On the other hand, wearing clothes that are too small for you  obviously makes you look big because you're trying to squeeze into something that doesn't fit.

8. Band Tee's

Now I'm sure nearly everyone will disagree with me on this one, I'm sorry! I never have, never will wear band t-shirts. I haven't really got a good reason why, I just don't like them. People will probably think you got it from Primark, and that you don't really know who they are. You're not really supporting the band. I knew someone wearing a Ramones t-shirt, but they hadn't got a clue who the Ramones were; they didn't even know they were a band! My point exactly.

9. Ankle 'Booties'

These seem to be a firm favourite among the high-street shops, but I really do hate them! What I'm talking about is little black slip on or zipped ankle boots, on a stiletto!No only do they make your feet looks like pig hooves, they completely cut off your leg which first of all makes your legs look short, but makes your legs look fat! These must be one of my no-no's. 

10. Coloured Eye-Shadow

I suppose within the fashion and modelling industry this is an extremely popular way to incorporate colour into and outfit, but for anyone and everyone on the high-street, it just screams smacks of naff. Gold, Nude, and Dusty Pink perhaps could be accepted, but steer clear the the Blue, Greens, Yellows, and Purples..nothing is more 90's (and not in a good way)!

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