Friday, 1 November 2013

10 Blogs and Why I Read Them (Part 2)

High-Street-The Window Shopper

This must be one of my favourite blogs, purely because of the concept. Victoria, who has been a blogger for three-years travels around London, Paris and New York taking photos of window displays. A really useful tool for other bloggers especially.

Young talent-Style Bubble
I guess it was king of inevitable for this blog to be on the list. Many say the biggest blog in the UK, and I would probably say that is true. Susie Lau's blog consists of a fair amount about young talent, and new brands. Something that will probably make you very knowledgeable in the future. Obviously, a very good blog.                                                                                       
Easy Read-Park & Cube
                                                                     Sometimes when you've had a long day and can't be bothered to read hundreds of words in 10point type, Park & Cube is a nice, easy read blog which you can sit back, read and enjoy. Easy to take in, with lots of amazing, colourful photos, this blog is the queen of care-free!                                                               
Interior Design-Abigail Ahern
As I said in my 'Interior Design' post back a while, I am really into home decor.   If you're looking for small interior blogs, this isn't the one. The Sunday times said she is ''rocking the world of interior design'', so she is kinda a big cheese. Nevertheless, a perfect home decor blog.                            
Lifestyle-Alex Loves
Alex Loves is a really great blog. It contains fashion, beauty, interior design, food, and pretty much anything else. I really enjoy scrolling through this blog, having fun reading all her articles. This is a typical lifestyle blog, but a really great, well executed one!                                                                                                                                                                   

Oh, and if you're wondering what other blogs I like, here is my Bookmark list of all my favourite (ignore my cupcake recipe!)

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