Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bath Part 2: The Fashion Museum

While in Bath, I was lucky enough to visit the famous Bath Museum of Costume. Once finding it, despite holding a map, we entered. The building was magnificent, and were soon escorted down a flight of stairs, to a basement filled with some of the most amazing clothes I've ever seen. The first collection/exhibit was called "50 Fabulous Frocks".

A Chanel suit, Mid 60's.

An Ostrich coat/dress, made by no other than Yves Saint Laurent

Oh how I love this Dior Stain coat!
Once walking along a corridor, I came across an array of Victorian 
and Edwardian clothing.

After walking a bit more, I went past some exhibits like, Little Black Dresses, ect,
 then came across a dress up part, which I personally didn't take part in. 
Then, I came across the dress of the year.
One of the previous winners. Alexander McQueen, 2011

This years winner, House of Dior

Obviously, there is so much more. If fashion is your passion, I recommend 
you go to visit this beautiful museum in such an iconic place. It really
 is worth a trip to be able to see some of the most amazing dresses, and oldest 
clothes in England, and maybe Europe. It's inspiring, interesting, 
and just a really good day out.

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