Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Ebay Song

I am all for one for saving money. I am forever searching sites looking for the best deal, and charity shops are my best friends. Amazon is where I tend to buy all books, and other items of sorts, but when it comes to specific items hard to find in shops, Ebay is where I head.

So many people I know don't use Ebay, either because they don't know how, or because they believe the common myth that everything on there is second hand. Despite the fact you can buy air, and a part of Iran on this site, it has some great treasures that has the potential to save you lots of dosh.

I have a habit of predicting fashions. I'm not quite sure why, or how, but I do. Over two years before denim shirts were popular in high-street stores such as New Look, Topshop, and such, I was there, scowering the town for denim shirts; could I find one? No. About a year or so back, I was looking for a Velvet skirt, and couldn't find any in the ordinary shops because they weren't popular. At times like these, Ebay is the best site in the world, and what people don't realize is, IT'S SO CHEAP!

I thought I would show you guys some of the amazing deals on Ebay. All are brand new and defect less unless stated otherwise, and why if you're not using it this site, you are missing out....big time!

You know that Velvet skirt I was talking about, here it is.

Available for £3.49!
(warning: One size fits all! pfffftt)(personal experience)

Some Ray-Ban look alikes, which I personally have a pair of, and love! Also available in black.

Available for £2.99

Those super popular, and rather expensive owl pendant necklaces.

Available for 99p! (free p&p!)

Those cute little 'Bad Hair Day' beanies, which as far as I know, you can't buy in stores?

Available for £5.49!

If sneakers and trainers are your sort of thing, heres some platform ones.

Available for £3.99!

My point is, if you have a specific fashion obsession which you can't find in a shop, check ebay! They will most likely have. Remember to thoroughly read description, and inspect the photo, people can be veeery sneaky on this site. But, there is definitely bargains to be found, give it a go!

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