Monday, 11 November 2013

Outfits I'll be Wearing this Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and lets all remember it currently is 44 days till Christmas. Honestly, Autumn has gone by as a blur, and has certainly not left me of memories of how Autumn fashion 13 was spectacular. If you live in the UK, like I, you will have been dressing for winter for months now, but let's just remember the sentiment. I don't want to tell you what will be in this winter, I'd rather tell you what I'm liking and wearing this winter. Tell me your favourite in the comments!

Outfit 1

     Because I love this coat so much, I had to incorporate it into  this post somehow, and I did. I paired it with a black corduroy pinafore dress (get this at Primark for £14!), a printed white shirt underneath, sheer black tights, and a gorgeous pair   of Chelsea Boots by Dr.Martens.

      Clothes From:

      3.Pinafore Dress-Monki
      5.Chelsea Boots-Dr.Martens


Outfit 2

Despite my bad graphics in this outfit, I do love all the items making it. That green felt coat looks amazing with those classic check trousers. Paired with a polo-neck sweater, and a pointy pair of lace-up flats, what's not to love? 

Clothes From: 

3.Trousers-River Island

Outfit 3

Love this outfit because of its pure simplicity. A striped t-shirt and denim is always a perfect match. Mom Jeans, and a long sleeve shirts was the best option. Love the matching metal in the belt and necklaces, and then with some simple black brogues, I'm sure everyone will love this outfit. Though, I think a coat might be necessary for winter!

Clothes From:

1.Shirt-Alexander Wang
2.Necklaces-Low Luv

Outfit 4

I'm not sure if everyone will like this outfit, but I do! I like the contrast of the blue and orange (couldn't find mustard!) and then the clunky buckle up boots. The cape coat is lovely as it is the same length of the dress, making a very nice silhouette.

Clothes From:

1.Coat-Apiece Apart
2.Dress-Jack Wills
4.Boots-Acne Studios


Outfit 5

With a very similar colour palette as outfit 1, I love the contrast in textures. The wool coat, the knitted jumper, and the leather skirt. When the circular glasses, handbag, and chunky shoes are chucked in, it makes a lovely, monochrome wintery outfit.

Clothes From:

1.Coat-Pull & Bear
4.Skirt-Phillip Lim
5.Bag-Phillip Lim

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