Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Designer: Valentine Gauthier

I can't believe nearly a whole week has gone since I wrote a post! This week has gone so fast, can't believe it's 38 days until Christmas! As soon as I went back to school after the summer holidays, I completely forgot about my 'New Designer' series, which I guess I kind of gave up on. Because it was down to a flaw in my memory, hopefully I can pick up this series of posts up again. So, for a write up about a new designer every week, I will be writing it now on a Sunday.

The new-ish designer I have just recently stumbled across is Valentine Gauthier, who is a Paris based designer, who specialises in textiles, especially organic fabrics. Despite that being her main focus in her brand, she has also brought out some rather lovely items of clothing.

 She made her first collection in 2006, which added the ish onto the new. Subsequently, she made her second collection in 2008. Anthropologie and Satine sell her clothes, meaning she is certainly on her way up. Another focus point on her brand is her efforts in making an eco-friendly company, somewhat like Miss.McCartney, which has turned many heads too. I really, really love her website, and advertising and modelling style as it is very urban, and the photos are all blurry. Makes a real change from seeing the same photoshopped models in a white studio all the time.

 Unfortunately, we are talking reasonably expensive prices, so not the sort of thing you can spend your spare cash on. Shame, because I think the high-street would really love this...

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