Friday, 22 November 2013

Margaret Who?

Margaret Howell
I never said I was superior at talking about the fashion industry, fashion designers, and clothes in general. that much.
But, can you believe I only heard of Margaret Howell a couple of months ago? I mean, really? As soon as I found her, and realized how great she and her collections are, I lost all faith in my knowledge of the fashion industry! Talking about collections, can you guys believe how sharp this collection is? There is normally at least one thing I don't like in any collection, but not this one. I would happily buy the whole collection if I had the money, I love it

When first scrolling through it, I saw a very straight-edge, geometric collection - lots of right angles and pointy edges. Then on second glance, I realised what I believe Margaret intended - it looks all very military. Double pocketed shirts, epaulets, berets, and double-breasted coats all included in the collection. The choices of colours were all very army-esk too: mid-blue, red, beige, navy and black being the obvious colours, but with a splash of peach and nude chucked in too. I was surprising shocked how a complete mix of colours made such a smart and well-coordinated collection.

Some of my favourite pieces in the collection are polo neck with the ribbed detailing on outfit three, I also love the peach peter pan sweater on outfit six as well. The blazer coat on picture seven is so greatly tailored it has to be on my favourites list. Also loving that tan waistcoat and black dress below. But, my favourite item of them all is that totally amazing shirt dress on picture eight. A tricky one to style, but I'd probably wear it with opaque tights, chunky brogues and keyhole

I love the whole advertising style too. The majority of the ads are in black & white, which I think it is a nice change considering the majority of the other brands ads are in a golden husk. I potentially thought it wouldn't show the clothes in a great light, but I was wrong. You can tell the colours, and it makes every photo matching and timeless.

I am so excited for her S/S14 collection, and it undoubtedly going to be just as (maybe even more) great than this A/W13 one. If there's three words to describe Margaret Howell's designs, they would be: Smart, genius, and timeless.

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