Sunday, 24 November 2013

Things Come Apart

Today, while scrolling through heaps of artsy-fartsy 'stuff', I came across a gem. I came across Todd
McLellan; primarily a photographer, but an artist in his own right. He has been part of/created many projects. The majority are series, so one concept performed on different things. Then he also has a couple of projects which are just several photos of one thing.

The project that caught my eye was called, ''Things Come Apart'' which is series of photos of dismantled every day objects. I get fascinated by my smallest, most insignificant things, so this is a kind of art which didn't only look nice, but was deeply interesting. He reminded me of Ursus Wehrli (I'll hopefully being doing a post about him soon!) an artist who suffers from ocd, and neatly arranges everything he has. Some of Todd's work includes neat photos of dismantled cameras, iPods, a pen knife, and even a chain saw! The idea in itself isn't original, but somehow Todd McLellan does it in such a way, I can't help but think that he must be a genius for doing it.

I stumbled across it while on Paul Smith's website. I was looking through the variety of prints he sells, and was fascinated when I came across the intriguing prints. To get a print, unframed, 50x40cm, is £200.00 off the Paul Smith website. Even though Todd McLellan isn't a huge name now, I know that this guy is eventually going to be big on the contemporary art scene. Watch this space, I know I am.
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