Saturday, 7 December 2013


Born and raised in Scotland, Christopher Kane has - and is continuing - to take over the fashion world. Nearly every designer/blogger/stylist/fashionista loves him, and so do I. It's rare I like the contemporary designers stuff, purely because I couldn't pull any of it off, but if I had the dosh I'd probably log onto Net-a-porter right now a buy his whole collection.

Emma Watson loves him, Susie Lau loves him - Oh, and Donatella Versace loves him. Got to be good, right? Miss.Versace was the person who actually discovered him, if you didn't know. And at the fashion awards a week ago, he won womens wear designer of the year, a highly sought after prize.

I am completely obsessed with geometric shapes, cuts and patterns. If it has a square, triangle or some sort of polygon, I'll probably instantly love it. Christopher Kane often incorporates these cutting edge (ho ho) silhouettes into his collections, but having said that, he also uses more free and soft cuts too. Christopher Kane to me, is the king of balance: everything in moderation, and evening out the clean and the kooky.

I love the sweatshirt above. The beautiful black and white patterns is contemporary, yet stylish, yet everything you would want in a sweatshirt. (1st)
This sweatshirt became very popular because of it's brain design. I love the colours, and it remind me of a thermal camera. (2nd)

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