Sunday, 15 December 2013

I want Acne

Christmas is just around the corner, and I really can't believe how quickly it has gone. It felt like yesterday I was scoffing mince pies, wearing my new pair of Doc Martens, and singing Mr.Buble's Christmas album nearly all the time. While celebrating all these festivities, I get very caught up in all that we call Christmas, and forget about this blog for a while. Ahem. I will apologise now for my half-hearted, few are far between blog posts and I will hopefully start writing more now, as the Christmas holidays are soon upon us.  If you live in this north-pole climate country we call England, you will know what I mean when I say it is cold. Though, not as cold as previous years, and for that I an truly thankful. As of yet, we have had no burst pipes, and only one or two times of defrosting that car in the morning. And what we need in times like this, is a warm jacket.

No, no, I do not want acne as in the spot condition, often experienced in times of teenage angst as any non-fashion lover would suspect by the title, but more the beautiful, elegant yet completely versatile brand called Acne, in which one day I will hopefully own pieces from.

Acne has been in my top five favourite brands in fashion ever since I knew what the company was. Their way of merchandising and advertisement overalls a lot of brands, and the sheer quality and workmanship in their clothes shine through.  Of course I don't have the money, and I most certainly won't any time soon, but I do (kinda) have my eyes on some their lovely winter clothes.

            Sylvia Black-£1400                                 Vilocite Rev Bique White-£2100                  Velocite Black Noir-£1900
I picked these three coats basically because I love them. My favourite is the Velocite Sheepskin jacket. These have been all over blogs, pinterest, and tumblr. They have been become very popular, and I'm not surprised. The old pre-war sheepskin jacket has been modernised into a very contemporary, and even sophisticated jacket. I like the heavy leather belts and buckles on the cuffs and hems, and that side zip is so well placed. I really am in love with this coat.

Navy Cypruss Jodphur-£460                   Meg Chunky Rubber Sole Shoe-£420          Petra Black Cut Out Short Boot-£440
My favourite of these three pairs of boots has to be the Petra boots. As you can see in the pictures above (coats) they have used these lush boots on all three outfits. I really love the way they have been cut out, but for winter practicality, they're not really a 10. You could wear them with tights, but I'm not sure about socks. Nevertheless, a wonderful pair of boots that I wouldn't mind opening on Christmas day. 

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