Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tees Ready

I'm not a huge t-shirt wearer. I own around eight, but rarely wear them other than under other, more smarter attire. My favourite t-shirt I own is my 'Back to the Future' one, which was a rash online purchase. I've been a fan for the 80's movie forever, so I showed my loyalty with a t-shirt with a clunky delorean on it. Apart from that, graphic tees aren't a common find in my wardrobe, but that doesn't mean I don't love them. Here I found 10 of my favourite graphic t-shirts. Some of them are brands, some slogans, some pictures. My favourite of all of the shirts is the 'Weekday' Andy Warhol style, banana t-shirt. It (I believe) is based on the velvet underground album cover, but instead of being one banana, instead put six! The Audrey Hepburn one is amazing too, and I do love the 'Art War' top.

Styling t-shirts can be tough. If you like me aren't the t-shirt and skinny jeans kind of girl, tuck the shirts into culottes, and wear with decent boots and tights. Wear under trench and woollen coats, or put with high-waisted jeans, if you're looking for comfort. Pair with patterned tailored trousers? The list goes on. But, as I kind of already stated - avoid black skinny jeans with converse or vans - nothing says can't be bothered quite like that.

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