Thursday, 26 December 2013

Snipets of my Bedroom

Considering I rave so much about interior stuff, even though this is a fashion blog, I thought I must eventually show you guys my room. This is only some very small snippets. My room is a huge work in progress. I need to paint more furniture, throw some stuff out, remove dying plants blah blah blah. But, you guys aren't going to hate on me because of the lack of a finished, polished bedroom, are you?

This is my bedside table. On it, a wonky green lamp, and clock that works (despite what ever 'time' that is on it) a 'fresh towels' scented candle, a origami thing, and a framed photo of New York.

(I inserted a 'read more' so it wouldn't clutter my blog. There's lots more pictures!)


A beautiful mosaic mirror my mum made, and that's me. That's probably the first and last photo you'll ever see of me. (for now)

A better view of my bedside cabinet, and mini art wall (which I just realized was incredible wonky). On my badly stuck art wall is a hama Twiggy, an embroidered bicycle, and embroidered row of houses, a painted robin, some painted triangles, some origami stuff, all of which I made. And the stuff I didn't make includes a random blue paint sample, and a post card featuring The Beatles at 'Penny Lane'.
My old radio, and pin board. Also here is some more books which include: How to be an Explorer of the World, Photocrafty, Parisian Chic, Brilliant Bread, Paris Street Style and a old 1947 book about Paris.

So there are a couple of sneak peeks form my bedroom. Can't wait until it is entirely finished so I can show you guys everything! And I must apologize for the bad quality photos, I don't know whats up with my Canon. I hope you like it! I'm always up for new ideas, so if you have any suggestions on how I could improve that clutter, I would greatly appreciate it!

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