Thursday, 26 December 2013

1460, 1461 Dr. Martens Review

Happy Boxing Day! I had a really lovely day yesterday. I got everything and some more of what I wanted, and I feel so, so blessed. We had the classic Christmas dinner (well, I had Quorn chicken because of my veggie ways), watched more Only Fools and Horses than I thought possible, and fell asleep happy and content with the beautiful day that had just passed. Happy Birthday my Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

I can't wait to show you guys all the amazing gifts I received, but I'm currently waiting to see my family etc, then I can show you guys everything. For now, I will just show you one present in particular, the incredible, the amazing, and the stunning; Dr.Martens 1461. Last Christmas, I was given the Dr.Martens 1460 in black, and then in October I got the 1460 in Navy which i got for free (long story!) and now I have the shoe kind.

I got it in smooth black, in a whopping size 8.
My collection, thus far. My family has owned a shoe shop for 63 years, and we used to sell Dr.Martens. So luckily, I get discounts.
 Size: it's hard for me to say. Some people say they run big, some say run small, but I think they run true. I'm a UK size 7-8. My black 1460's are a 7, and my navy pair and my new 1461 are a size eight, so I would say they're true. I wear both sizes comfortably, so I can't see it making all that much of a difference. I definitely recommend trying them on in a shop, and the prices are similar wherever you go, so for the best fit, visit a store. You can buy them in the Dr.Marten shop, Office, Schuh, Treds and lots of independent retailers

I polish mine about once every three months, just to moisturise the leather. The reason being, my navy pair (below) are cracked because of the malnourished leather, due to not using polish/cream and leaving them in a dry place. Since they are a bit of an investment for some, do look after them! (Wow, you can tell I was brought up in a shoe shop!)

My second hand pair. I bought them of Ebay for £15, because the seller stated 'Very Good Condition'. I received them with cracking (which you can see) and plenty of scuffs and marks. I was happy to send them back, and the lovely lady said I could keep them, and receive all my money back!
If you love these shoes as much as I do, and are thinking of getting a pair - do it. I was weary at first, but I do believe they are worth the money. I was reading the reviews before I purchased a pair and many people said ''killed my feet, sent them back'' but you have to break them in! All the best quality shoes you have to break in. Wear thick socks, and keep bending your feet, walking around on the carpet etc. It doesn't take long. Easy to style, iconic, and hard-wearing - these shoes are fab, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

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