Monday, 20 January 2014

For Kicks

Apart from the fact that I hate sports, normally, I don't care for Umbro, Puma, Adidas, and the rest. I don't really care for them that much now. Despite that, they have a huge influence of the fashion industry, that perhaps we don't even notice. I've heard it over and over last year that 'Sport Wear' is going to be in, and blah blah blah. I don't care what people say is 'in', more, I care about the general outcome of a piece or outfit, and the overall look and workmanship that has gone into it.

When scrolling through the S/S14 collections, I realised not that sportswear was in, but more used (as I like to put it). Balenciaga have used it subtly, but still prevalent in their overall collection. There was a play-suit that was certainly inspired by some kind of sport, and I also saw a rather big, oversized 'varsity' sort of jacket, that reminds me of the cheerleaders in American films wearing their boyfriend's football jacket. Also there, is several two piece outfits, and the shorts certainly look like netball or tennis shorts.

Balenciaga S/S14

Prada has also jumped on the bandwagon. Yet again, it's not obvious, but it's definitely there. In their S/S14 they've used blimen legwarmers! Although I can't see them going beyond the catwalk, they look good considering the horrific 80's fad. Although there's no other pieces in the Prada collection that are sportswear within themselves, there are continuous things throughout the collection that shows that they have at least drew inspiration from the sport world. Note the stripes around the necklines, and the obvious colour palette of saturate blue, green, read and yellow.

Prada S/S14

Nike have always been the biggest sportswear brand. I'm not at all interested in the tops, sweatpants, shoes, hoodies or anything; all I care about it their shoes. They're stylish in any casual situation, and I applaud them for their overall success in the fashion industry, despite their focus being on practical sports gear. So many people have a pair of Nike's, and I think they secretly and subtly have a massive impact of the world of shoes.

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