Sunday, 5 January 2014

December Favourites

So it's 2014! How does it feel? I hope everyone had a lovely New Year, and that this coming year will be a blessing for all. A blog 'new years resolution' would sound ridiculous, but it's exactly what I'm doing. I have decided to incorporate a '(the past month) favourites' posts every month on one of the first couple of days.  A post like this will include some of my favourite magazine cuttings and adverts, as well as some of my ongoing favourite trends, and some of my own things I have bought the previous month for this coming month. So, this post is the first one!


1. Knitted Fluffy Crop Jumper

2. Green Knitted Fur Beanie
Marini Silvano

3. Faux Fur Collar

4. Teddy Fur Pea Coat

1. Supernova Nail Polish
Kester Black

2. Dahlia Glitter Clutch Bag
L.K Bennett

3. Dolly Ankle Strap Shoes

4. The One (Perfume)
                                                                                             Dolce & Gabbana

Things I've Bought and Loved this Month

Glitter Nail Varnishes

I absolutely love these glitter nail polishes. I've been wearing them a lot! I got these three from Poundland! I was shocked when I found these beauties in such a cheap shop. They are quite thin and runny, but if you do two coats you can get a really sleek look.


Tartan Scarves

One a Christmas present, the other a charity shop find (ironically from the same brand!) these are my two tartan scarves. These James Pringle scarves are warm and toasty, yet stylish. Also long enough to wear several ways. They go with anything, and are a Winter must!



 Book of the Month

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