Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Not So Bad After All...

I change my mind so much when it comes to fashion. In every other area of life I'm really opinionated and never change my mind, but with fashion..oh dear. Something I hated this time last year, I'm probably wearing right now, and something I loved this time last year I probably wouldn't be seen dead in now. Probably quite hypocritical, but who cares? You might have guessed by the title, but this is going to be a post about the things I use to loath, which I love now. 

Turtle-necks/Polo Necks

I use to despise these things. I thought they were so ugly, and horrible and every bad word ever. But, now I
love them. No just because they have become reasonably popular now, but because of their practicality and simplicity.


So when these were coming into fashion, I was honestly so confused. Like, are we in the nineties? I really hated them. And I still hate them now - on me. it seems like everyone else can pull them off but me. Being super tall and lanky isn't always great, y'know.

Leopard Print

I use to loath leopard print. I thought it was tacky, ageing, and unflattering. Now that I've opened my eyes up a bit on what  like and what I don't, I really love leopard print; in the right situations. Coats & Flats = Fine. Boots & Trousers = not fine. oh, and never match two different leopard prints.

Mixing Metals

A bit vague, but I use to hate it when people wore gold metal with silver metal, pewter metal with rose gold metal , etc etc. Now, I'm not a huge wearer, as in I don't say ''Ooh, I'm going to mix metals today!'' but more, I don't hate it, and I don't avoid it. It can look cool.


Obviously fake, but I use to hate all kinds of fur. I thought it looks dirty and dusty and old and smelly, and yeah I pretty much hated it. Now, I really, really love it. I like it on collars, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, everything! I think it can look really chic and mature.

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