Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Oh wow, do I love these shoes. As I said in my last single shoe post about the Stella McCartney Corrine loafer, I do love my Jeffrey Campbell's. I'm not into their cosmic prints, and their super bulked up platforms, but some of their simpler, more core basic shoes are pretty desirable.Although not always blatantly, Jeffery Campbell although a design brand it itself, do copy high-end fashion shoes at least partially. Their is no exception with the Scully shoes, except the fact they're still great. With my height, I would never be able to pull them off as I would be far too tall, but boy these shoes are cool. Their deep platform, gripped bottoms, and the leather ankle straps all combine to make one heck of a shoe. They've been pretty popular, as you know, and I'm not one bit surprised. They're big, intimidating, scary but scream catwalk and street all at once which is quite an achievement for a pair of shoes. 

As I said earlier, Jeffrey Campbell's normally take 'inspiration' from others. This time, from (already mentioned!) Stella McCartney. They used a chunky sole first, but Jeffrey executed it rather well if I say so myself. 

I can't really recommend them as I don't own them, but if you like them, and are reasonably small, get them, on my behalf!

Stella McCartney vs. Jeffrey Campbell

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