Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Favourites

1. Givenchy  2. Nike  3.Largarconne 4. APC  5.Rusty Zipper
Things I've Bought and loved this month

Wall Plant Holders

It's a random one, but as you guys know I love my interior design (and plants!) and I could not pass these up. What these are is a steel small plant holder which is a cube-ish shape which gives a really cool effect when hung on a wall. I got these two from the design company Thelermont Hupton which are available in black, white and orange (I got two orange). I think they are so sleek and quirky, and I recommend you go check the company out because they have some really amazing stuff if you're into contemporary interior design.

Square Rings

I've wanted something like these for ages, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted them in Primark for £2.50! You get twelve rings, nine of which are square, and three are circular. I'm not hundred percent sure on this, but I think the round ones could be midi-rings, but I'm not sure! They look amazing, and for £2.50, what could be better?

White Digital Watch

Okay, so I didn't exactly buy this, but my friends Mum bought it for me instead. She knew I had wanted one for ages, so she got me one! I'm not sure where she got it from, but it looks so cool and eighties, and wow do I love this watch! It has an alarm, stopwatch, and light as well as digital time and the days of the week. It's a fab watch, and I love it so so much.

Purple Wool Tights

As specific as it is, I bought these tights.These too I also found in Primark, for .50p! Pure wool, with angora, so you have to hand wash these, but a wash at 30degrees will be fine. As these were in the sale, the only sizes were large and although I'm a small, sometimes tights can feel a bit too tight, so I'm not moaning! In this striking purple, these are tights that I know I'll be wearing a lot this month. (sorry about the scruffy package!)

from my pinterest
I know haven't been posting so much this week, but I have lots of drafts, so expect some big posts this week! Plus, I took a while on this long post which you may not realize, but it takes forever! Hope you all are well, and like my January Favourites!

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