Sunday, 26 January 2014

Random Wishlist

There isn't a particular reason I'm just posting my latest wishlist, but here are just a couple things I've been obsessing over recently. Some really nice picks I reckon, what do you think? Top of my list has to be that Silver (or gold, I don't mind) Casio watch under accessories. Oh, how I want one! When I do, I'll let you know. Anyways, here are some of the gorgeous pieces I was wondering If you'd like to see.
1. Faux Sheepskin Coat  2.Crossover Coat  3.Checked Coat  4.Faux Fur Coat  5. Mustard Coat

1. Fluffy Cropped Jumper  2. Fox Jumper  3. Cropped Shirt  4.Velvet t-shirt  5. Blocked Shirt

1. Stripy Skirt  2. Checked Trousers  3. Button-Down Denim Skirt  4. Knitted Skirt  5. Checked Shorts
1. Drop Waist Dress  2. Tulle Dress  3. Grid Dress  4. Velvet Dress  5.Long Check Dress

1. Grid Socks  2. Casio Watch  3. Felt Hat  4. Heart Flower Sunglasses  5. Navy Gem Ring

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