Wednesday, 5 February 2014

3 Current Favourite Youtube Fashion Gurus

I don't know about you, but I am forever on Youtube watching hauls, tutorials, vlogs - you name it. They're so addictive, and I can literally watch Topshop and Thrift Hauls for hours on end. I'm a newbie to all this Youtube lark, but I have to say I'm already really in to it. If this sounds somewhat like you, I'm sure you have your favourite Fashion & Beauty Guru's, as do I. They're reasonably well known, they're not the biggest in the biz such as Zoella and Tanya Burr (who are amazing btw), but they are nonetheless brilliant, and are getting there!

1. The Fashion Citizen

Stephanie & Melissa from The Fashion Citizen
My absolute favourite right now. Although they've been on Youtube a couple of years now, I absolutely love The Fashion Citizen. Stephanie and Melissa from Arizona, are twins both obsessed with fashion. Unlike so many other gurus, they showcase many, many, thrift hauls which are my favourites. They have a great but different style each, and come across as such lovely people. Along with plenty of great D.I.Y's, the occasional tag, and lots of the classics such as 'What's In My Bag', they make great, high-quality videos which are really easy and enjoyable to watch.

They have a shared blog, and Stephanie has her own Tumblr which she mainly uses to answer questions and shows her latest purchases and outfits on. Although my style is more similar to Melissa's, both of them are fun to watch, and they both have a great sense of humour. If you haven't already, I recommend you go check them out, asap!

Here is a recent Haul they posted, which along with all the others, I love ->

2. Clothesencounters

 22 year old Jen, who is a Korean American is another favourite of mine. Not only is she hilarious,  but her style is totally impeccable. I've never seen her make a fashion mistake. She ranges from girly to punk and everything in between. I really enjoy watching her videos, and tune in quite regularly.

Click here for her Channel
Click here for my favourite video by Jen

 3.Lily Melrose

I only discovered Lily Melrose yesterday, but I'm really glad I did! Her clothes are very monochrome  but nonetheless brilliant! I'm really excited that I'm now subscribed and that I can now get a regular feed of her great videos. She's quite big in the UK, but if you're not form Britain, I recommend you go check her out!

Click here for her Channel
Click here for my favourite video by Lily

Some other favourites of mine include SoothingSista, VagabondYouth, CutiepieMartzia,Customizefashion, SunbeamJess,LLimWalker, BeautyCrush

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