Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pessimist (Part 1)

I'm not really a pessimist, and that word doesn't really have much relevance to this post, but it's a nice word that sounds nice. In fact, I'm normally the over enthusiastic person who is normally on the verge if being annoying, and is also rather unrealistic. My attitude to fashion is much the same, especially when it comes to the next season collections and all that hoo-ha. But, I'm not going to lie, there were some companies that left me a tad underwhelmed by their new collection. I don't want to be done for slander or anything, but just a few left me unimpressed.

Louis Vuitton

Despite the fact I could say Louis Vuitton and tell a small biography of his life when I was eight, the whole company does have a tendency to make me either really impressed, or rather unimpressed as the case may be. Don't get me wrong Marc Jacobs is doing a fairly good overall, but I do believe he was doing a better job at his own brand. Therefore, Louis Vuitton's S/S14 show left me feeling kind of deflated. While watching it (on Youtube, not real life *sigh*) I felt I was watching a local pantomime, not a world renowned fashion houses show! Yes it had fancy lights, massive sets, and an eery yet cheery atmosphere, but the clothes themselves left a lot to be desired in my opinion. Perhaps the crazy show was to make up with the lack of actual great design pieces in the collection? And again, they were fancy and all and probably had a heck of a price tag stringed onto them, but I thought it was all rather 'show biz' not 'I'm a fashion designer and are making a great collection'. Oh, and while we're at it, was were those transparent bodysuits with writing all over them all about? Also, this was Marc Jacobs last collection for Louis, don't you think it was a rather depressive feel you leave on?


I'm not sure if I missed the point, but quite frankly, I thought Celine were on the borderline of slap-dash. There was nothing pin-pointedly wrong with it, but it just looked that their had been no thought put into it, and that is was all done rather haphazardly. I'm normally a mere fan of Celine, but I really don't know about this collection. One good thing is that the show didn't resemble anything like a circus which is good in my opinion. It wasn't horrendous, but was unfulfilling, and I think that is a genuine shame. Ooh, and I do want to commend the shoes, they were lovely! (check them out!)


This one is down to my personal taste. I love Chloe, I think they're so demure and feminine. This collection was great, if..the colour palette was different! I really hated the colours and unfortunately it put an unwanted tint on the whole collection my eyes. Some of their navy and white pieces looked great, but for me, the khaki and brown outfits were all far too dull. Not only that, but they didn't look like the luxury clothes that they really are. What do you think?

So there are the three brands that didn't quite cut it for me, but I'm about to go and write about the three brands I really thought shone. I'm not meaning to offend anyone, all three of these companies are amazing in their own right, and I do love them all as brands, but just wasn't so keen on these collections.

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