Monday, 17 February 2014

Ebay Wishlist

I was a bit worried about doing another Ebay post as I convinced myself I did one not all that long ago. After counting, it was seventeen posts ago, so I have decided that there is a long enough gap, so now I can write another one! As you know, I love to save a couple of pounds so that in itself is why I love Ebay. Also, I love supporting independent people or smaller business's instead of big companies. Therefore, I am forever scrolling through pages of Ebay waiting to come across some stuff I'll love, which of course I normally do.

Ebay has a feature which is called a 'Wishlist' which is exactly what you would expect, a list that you can find under the 'My Ebay' button, where you can save all the things you want, or could buy in the near future. Over the months, this wishlist of mine has really accumulated into quite the list, and one in which I thought you might like to view. All of these items are SUCH good deals, and that's the main reason I'm showing you: because I want to give you the opportunity to buy these gorgeous things too.

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