Friday, 14 February 2014

Forget the Figure

I've never been one for wearing tight-fitting, skin hugging clothes. Do I own a bodycon? No. Do I own a boob tube? No. Not only do these show every inch of what you want to be hidden, they're not half as comfy as wearing looser fitting clothes, that in my opinion, look better. I'm not using a sweeping statement, and sometimes there are situations where a form fitting pencil dress is by far your best bet, but for every day style plus tons of practicality, forget the figure.

Smock or shift dresses have been around for quite a while, and since their rise to popularity in the 1960's, I think they've been a classic ever since. They're stylish, and surprisingly flattering. Flattering? You may think not, but look again. To me, the oversized straight cut of the dress emphasises your legs and shows them as perhaps skinnier than they are, and overall shows a more slim look. Plus, they're great for every body shape, all be it you wear the right size. What do you think about these gorgeous dresses?

Here's a few pictures of my current favourites

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