Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Who Knew

Who knew that two child actors could turn out to be such classic fashion designers? I know that you already have guessed who I'm talking about, and yes, I'm on about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. To me it's funny seeing them now as these amazing designers, as when I think of them I see these little girls on 'Two of a Kind' wearing the best nineties gear, including button up cardigans paired with platform lace-ups. Yet again, so many actor's or actresses have turned to fashion when their career goes to the pan, but Mary-Kate and Ashley are what I believe different. Their careers were fine. If they wanted to get a major film role, I'm sure they could of. Thus, leaving me with the thought that they genuinely loved fashion for what it was, not because they wanted to make dosh with fashion merchandising. I've read it times and times before about the 'they're famous, of course they would have made it in the fashion industry' and all that jazz, but in all honesty, these girls are great, and their brand is even better.

As it is New York fashion week, I thought I would briefly talk about their latest collection A/W14 which first and foremost I must say is amazing. It's not a new look for The Row, but you know what they say, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Apparently, the majority of the collection is made from a 900-gram (tell me what that means!) cashmere, which I'm guessing is a thick, high-quality cashmere that costs a few bucks. Since the fabric was sorted, I can see they spent most of their effort on deciding the shapes and silhouettes of the collection, and I think they did a tremendous job. It was all very oversized which is a normal shape to see from The Row, but although they all had that it common, each piece brought something different to the collection.

The grey suits were all very tailored, and I was surprised when I didn't see a collar or lapel, which gave it a sleek finish that I found was quite unexpected. And then on the flip side, there was a long black wool turtle neck dress that although was completely straight, it was considerably relaxed. The socks and the heavy leather brogues worked well with the straightedge bags, and overall, each part of the collection, as versatile as it was, all complemented each other which I think is a jolly hard thing to achieve.

The only piece I wasn't in love with was that beige coat which to me looks like a dressing gown. Apart from that, everything else was spotless. I especially love that fur rimmed coat (I'm hoping thats faux...).

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