Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sports Luxe - Hay or Nay?

It's been ruling the streets and the catwalks, the social media and the blogs, and everywhere where fashionistas are present. That is 'Sports Luxe'. I've never really been a person big on the 'comfy and casual' look. You'll rarely find me wearing converse with a hoody, or vans with a muscle tee, in fact, never at all. But when this 'sports luxe' thing came to the surface, I thought my mind might have been changed.

The first place I saw this fad present was in the SS14 collections, specifically Alexander Wang's collection. The short miniskirts, the boxy, white almost sterile tops, all of it contributed to undertones of the gym. And then the big guns arrived. Chanel's 2014 couture show gave use those most ridiculously famous trainers. Before long, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Nike and New Balance sales have most likely gone through the roof and suddenly the sporty and the not so sporty were wearing this trend to places other than the gym. This seemed to be the beginning of this new trend that seems to be never ending.

At first the prospect of wearing comfortable and stylish clothes trilled me - that is until I realised it really isn't that stylish at all. I'm good with sneakers, I'm good with t-shirts. But when people kit out wearing the full thing - baggy elasticated shorts, knee socks, neon sneakers, a structured t-shirt, and a baseball cap to finish it all of - and they're going shopping or to the grocery store? This comfortable look really isn't all that relaxed after all.

Although it's not my cup of tea, many other people love it. Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen is an avid wearer, as is Marie Hindkaer Wolthers from one of my favourite blogs, Blame it on Fashion.  Both have graced us with pictures of their new trainers on Instagram. I can see a trend coming on, #trelfies? 

So there you have it. My opinion on this sports luxe business..what's yours?

Those Chanel trainers. Unable to find the pricetag, but I imagine it somewhat eye-watering hefty.

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