Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Favourites

Been loving this gorgeous pair of sunglasses that I picked up for a steal at Primark for £2! They're a lovely spin on the classic cat-eye with a subtle point and purple lenses. The frame itself is black in this lovely matte finish. They came with a case, and are UV protected. A great bargain!

Another Primark purchase were these Jelly shoes. I've loved Jelly shoes my entire life, as I had purple glittery ones when I was younger. I had wanted a pair for years and only now have they come into Primark. With my large feet, these were a bit of a snug fit but were the biggest size available. Nonetheless for £4, I'm going to get a lot of summer wear out of these.

I'm a massive satchel lover and this is my second! This is a mini one (around the size of A4) which I found in great condition in a local charity shop for just £5! This was a great bargain as original leather satchels can be very expensive, and don't get me started on the new ones! Overall, very chuffed with this lucky find

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