Friday, 4 April 2014

How to Properly Care for your Dr. Martens (& other leather goods)

Leather shoes can sometimes be a tad of an investment. But having said that, there are so many people who simply do not care for their leather shoes very well, and then moan when their shoes scuff and crack. About a year ago I got my first pair of Dr.Martens (click here for my review) and ever since I clean, scrub and polish them vigorously to extend their wear so they'll last that tad longer. Therefore, here is my method of cleaning, polishing, and protecting my Dr.Martens and other leather goods.

1. Polish 2. Leather Cream 3. Shoe Shine Sponge 4. Spray on Protector 5. Shoe Brush

First, remove the laces. It is important to open up the tongue area, as this is where dirt, dust and cracks can lurk. Then, wipe the whole item over with a damp cloth or a wet wipe to remove any dirt. Make sure you clean the soles too.
Next, apply the polish.
 I use Kiwi's average polish in Black. If your item is a different colour, you can buy polish in many different colours. Also, if your item is an unusual colour such as red or orange, you can buy a neutral polish, suitable for all leathers. Use the shoe brush, and make sure you work it in all over the shoe.

Now to buff. If you really want to nourish the leather you could leave the polish on overnight. If not, grab a clean brush and simply swipe back and forth until all the polish is gone and your leather is looking shiny.

Leather cream is essential to stop your leather from cracking over time. I use Kiwi's Select Selfshine cream. It comes with a handy sponge to use instead of using a cloth. Apply everywhere, and leave to dry. You don't need to polish it off.

 Protector is optional, but I highly recommend using it. I use Tarrago's protector which will protect your leather from water damage. This is neutral, so you can use it on any colour. To avoid breathing in the nasty chemicals, go outside and spray evenly from a distance. This will make the leather look a tad cloudy, so to regain the shine, simply run a self shine sponge over the top. 

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