Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tartan vs. Gingham - Which wins?

As the long winter months are drawing to a close, and we are heading into spring, from September to February, tartan and gingham checks have been one of the biggest trends this season. It's been on the high-street, catwalks, and everywhere in between - blogs, magazines and in all forms of fashion shenanigans. It's been big, and although not a trends lover, I did love this one.

Tartan and Gingham although similar, are very different. On one hand we have tartan, a complicated print with thin and fat lines of different colours overlapping to make a warm, cozy check. And in the more expensive tartans, such as ones from Scotland, the lines become a thicker part of the fabric, almost becoming three-dimensional. One the other hand, we have gingham which is a symmetrical, equal fabric including lots of little squares, normally in alternative colours. They have similar characteristics, but different looks. Here I've put together some garments in these notorious prints, and bordered the ones I like the most. Well, the winner is...?

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