Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Extra Large Chips, Please

Moschino are big cheeses (get it) in the fashion industry, and have been for quite some time. Their designs are always differnt, edgy, and occasionally borderline bad taste. Nether the less, they never fail to bring out a collection that puts a bit of a smirk on our faces, but high-street fast-food chain McDonald's seemed to not find their latest collection quite so funny.

Moschino's main and most prominent theme in their AW14 collection was the rather famous, slightly distorted logo of McDonald's. Jeremy Scott (the new creative director) has now been accused of mockery by the chip frier takeaway. Funnily enough, within the fashion industry, the collection went down a treat. McDonald's need not worry though, as sponge bob and other companies of chocolate and sweets were also lucky enough to make a guess appearance.

The clothes themselves were all designed very tongue-in-cheek, and did lack any sense of elegance, luxury and couture, not that these garments are cheap, mind you. £1,265 would buy you one of those McDonald's quilted bags, by the way. So if you were wondering, it would be cheaper to nip to your local Maccy Dee's for a happy meal then splurge on this bag. Overall, an interesting collection to say the least, and a bit of a tenderhearted joke in a rather serious and solemn world. What did you think?

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