Saturday, 26 April 2014

Stealing Banksy

The major thing at the moment to have happened in the art world is of course the rather controversial exhibition and auction of some very famous artworks  by the unknown graffiti artist, Banksy. Obviously not all people agree with the graffiti aspect, and other don't agree with what he represents, thus making him just as controversial as I said. 

There is very little known about him. His name is unknown, his age is unknown, and his birth place is unknown, though most think he is from English city Bristol, as that is where some of his first artworks have been painted. There has been many speculations and rumours about the real identity of Banksy, but to be honest, will be ever know for sure? With this worldwide fame, he's not going to come forward now, as he'll be going straight into handcuffs and escorted off to prison, all because his art is indeed illegal.

It's a subject I don't really feel like ranting about. He's a very talented chap with a lot of political views, but at the end of the day, it is vandalism, and that does bother me. 

This exhibition is called Stealing Banksy and is held at the London hotel. The bits of artwork include No Ball Games, and Girl with the red balloon. All of them and been estimated to fetch £3million in total. The thing that makes this story so interesting is Banksy's opinion on the whole thing. He has released a statement over his website which does say “The Stealing Banksy exhibition in London this weekend has been organised without the involvement or consent of the artist." Not only that, but the next line is the one that has really got people in or out of the art industry fired up. It continues “Banksy would like to make it clear – This show has got nothing to do with me and I think it’s disgusting people are allowed to go around displaying art on walls without permission.” Now I don't know whether he intended it to be a very ironic joke, or if he genuinely is unhappy about the whole thing. Another thing some have added, is that they lose all value when being removed from the original spot. True or not, it will certainly be made clear at the auction tomorrow. 
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Although this is a time where many of his pieces of art have come together in one place, many fans and art lovers are upset about the whole thing. The group organising the exhibition have said "“The Sincura Group are approached by building owners to remove the artwork illegally painted on their sites. The building owners have not asked for the art to be placed on their premises or for the on-going attention received from it." 

I totally agree. Although famous, iconic and sometime point-proving, the whole thing seems rather ridiculous, and I really don't blame the property owners for wanting to get rid of these peices of art, as they haven't and will not make any money for them, as all proceeds are going to charity. 

The auction is held tomorrow (Sunday 27 April) and as I have said, are thought to go for a lot of money. Whether you think it is wrong or not, Banksy is a very popular artist and there will forever be a following of graffiti fans all because of him.

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