Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dior's Cruise

As much as I would love to sit and talk about Christian Dior and perhaps a holiday, the post is really quite different, despite that is what the title would suggest. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that Dior is one of my favourite brands, although one of the obvious, clique choices. I like his/their work all the way back to the 1950's, and I love the stuff the company brings out now. Have they still kept the heritage? Perhaps not, but I honestly don't think it matters.

The cruise show was held in New York, which is odd, because as you know, normally Dior's catwalks are shown in Paris, and not much farther. The monochrome theme that has been oh so popular recently ran for the hills as the whole collection showcased nothing but colour. Red, blue, pink - you name is, it was in the show somewhere. Although my wardrobe consists of black, blue, white with hints of yellow, fashion wise, I love colours. Therefore this collection hit it with me and I was  a big fan as soon as I saw the pictures first come online. 

The show had different elements all tied into one. Clean lines with flowy silhouettes, class with modern, and length with mini's. Contrast can be what makes or breaks a collection, and in this case, made it much better. Another thing than can make a show is details, and boy, was this collection full of it. Every part was fully thought out by Mr.Simons, and I think he did a a great job of proving his place at Dior.

In most collections, I have my favourite pieces, but not this. I feel some one the outfits wouldn't be so good without the one after it, therefore, I think they relied on the others for each to pop. Overall, I think this collection was good - not amazing - but indeed, very pleasing. 

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